I wrote a post with podcast suggestions around this time last year (read those ones here!) so we are well overdue some juicy, new ones. I have a few more TOP NOTCH podcast series that I would highly recommend below.

Here are the podcasts to listen to...

If you want to feel inspired...

David Speed & Adam Brazier

This is a podcast by two very talented, creative individuals. There are an awful lot of notable episodes in this series to choose from so there's definitely something for everyone; I find it motivating and the perfect 'get up and go' kick I need sometimes. 

Although many of the episodes revolve around the creative industries there's a lot of information for anyone wanting to start a business, from getting the most out of technology for a business to improving their networking skills. The guests and hosts alike continue to inspire me to be creative and crack on with any and all side hustles.

Notable Episode: 'Quitting the 9-5' with Manon Lagreve (the wonderful French contestant from GBBO 2018)

If you're interested in the acting world...

David Tennant

As I mentioned in my last suggestions list, I love a typical interview-style podcast. Having one of the most well known actors - and his soothing Scottish accent - speak to others in the field about how they got to where they are is the perfect blend.

You don't need to be a TV or film buff to get something out of these conversations (I certainly am neither) but I'd say it would be particularly great for aspiring actors.

Notable episodes: Catherine Tate / Jennifer Garner

If you need some morning motivation...

Adrienne Herbert

I've struggled to find a fitness themed podcast that strikes a chord with me as the topic of fitness is so vast and subjective, with different aspects appealing to different people. This is a great podcast that only touches on people's fitness routines (or often their career in sport) but primarily focusses on how they use their time effectively.

Adrienne has a wonderful interview method and I find it really easy to listen to - perfect to listen to on a run!

Notable episode: Keri-Anne Payne

If you want A LOT of laughs...

Chris & Rosie Ramsey

So I listened to this hilarious couple for the first time on Giovanna Fletcher's podcast (Happy Mum, Happy Baby) and cried laughing at least three times, therefore I thought I'd download a couple of episodes from their own podcast.

It's safe to say I'm now almost up to date within a week and I have had to laugh out loud multiple times in public. They have segments of the show including 'What's your beef?' which covers their grievances with each other, as a married couple. All of this combined with self-made jingles is everything you need from a light-hearted podcast series.

Notable episode: Episode Three, Take Two

Let me know over on Twitter if you have any other recommendations!