We've all seen the classic beige jumper circulating on Instagram and I adore the simplicity and diversity of this item. It's definitely something I wanted to add to my wardrobe at the end of last year and I've been able to really get the most out of mine (head to Instagram to see mine).

I opted for a woollen blend purely on history of other jumpers I've had, I've noticed a blend item washes better and is easy to hang dry as well as being much more budget-friendly than a 100% woollen version. It's also kept me super cosy and I'll definitely be repurchasing something similar, in other colours, next Autumn.

Collection of beige coloured jumpers hanging next to each other

I've pulled together a round-up of all my favourite high-street, woollen options I've found (not including the Mango jumper I actually ended up purchasing unfortunately as it is no longer in stock, but there are some similar options in price and wool blend percentage!)

Pieces Jane wool blend high neck jumper - ASOS now on sale for £15
Wool Blend Turtleneck Sweater - And Other Stories £79
Wool Blend Textured V-Neck Jumper - Marks and Spencer £59 
Oversized Alpaca Blend Sweater - And Other Stories £69
Lara Sweater - Weekday now on sale for £30



All prices correct at time of writing (9th February 2019)

STAY COSY IN WINTER // in collaboration with FEMME LUXE FINERY

Low back of black knitted jumper dress

The annual 'decluttering' time of the year came and went with January and it's safe to say, like a lot of you, I was able to condense my wardrobe a bit. I won't be the first person to be trying to make a more conscious effort this year to only own clothes I absolutely adore and 'spark joy' as our good pal Marie Kondo would say.

I was gifted some gorgeous items from Femme Luxe Finery last month and they are ideal additions for my winter/spring wardrobe. I've pretty much lived in some of these outfits since receiving them which you'll see across my social media channels if you are following!

Blogger wearing khaki loungewear co-ord set

Holding a cup of tea, wearing comfy khaki loungewear set

Firstly, there's absolutely nothing better than swapping your work outfit into something comfortable as soon as you get home. This khaki lounge set was the ideal choice for me. Stacey Dooley has become the style inspiration I've been looking for my whole adult life and as her usual choice is a slouchy co-ord, I feel this outfit is definitely a winner.

It is a much more fashionable option for a 'home-y day' than old, mismatching pyjamas and I've been loving the bra-free experience without the risk of them falling out (lol jk, mine aren't big enough) or being exposed. I've even nipped out to the shops in this because it's acceptable as a day outfit, which my mismatched pyjamas worn previous to this would most definitely NOT be.

I don't actually own anything else of this colour in my wardrobe and I absolutely love it. Overall it's a great winter set, so I'm happy it's become an addition to my loungewear.

Vintage theme image of girl wearing black jumper dress

Girl in black dress with leg tattoo, sitting on edge of sofa

This knitted jumper dress is a great item, as it's versatile enough for casual wear but can also be dressed up with heels or boots. It has a tie around the waist to give it some shape but I love the ease of throwing it on with a headscarf, a pair of trainers and being ready to go.

I really like the low back too and although it is knitted, it's not too heavy. Ideal as we're coming into spring. This piece will definitely be a staple throughout the year for me.

Wearing grey oversized roll neck jumper

Selfie whilst wearing roll neck jumper

Roll neck jumper of dreams. The majority of my wardrobe, all year round, is jumpers and I'll take any excuse to add a new cosy option to it.  This was the perfect fit; it's got that oversized look and feel thanks to the chunky neck, as well as being super toasty.

I have a lot of jumper dresses so this filled the hole of a roll neck that's perfect to wear with jeans. Usually I'll opt for a skinny black pair and some black boots as a brunch outfit, or to head out for casual dinner on an evening.

One of my big problems - is it a problem? - is that the majority of my clothes are simple black and grey items. Although it would be nice to add a pop of colour, often a classic grey jumper is EXACTLY what I want to reach for. On the website I noticed this jumper comes in neon pink and green too (which seem to be a big trend at the moment!) which is ideal if you fancy something a little more eye-catching. I know this lovely number has become my go-to layer in the past few weeks, so I'm more than happy to stick with my monochrome wardrobe... for now.

I have to say, for the low price point I wasn't expecting the quality to be as good as they actually are. Honestly, I've been bowled over by how much I enjoy the items - they really are lovely. The grey roll neck jumper has to be my ultimate favourite but the khaki lounge set have really gotten me through the dark, cold nights recently!

Have you ever ordered from here before, or would you contemplate doing so? Let me know over on Twitter, or head to Instagram to check out some of my OOTD featuring these items.




I personally love a chatty update vlog or blog post, so I thought I'd wrap up a pretty boring but productive month with the latter. I'm glad to see the back of January - as I know a lot of people will be - and that pay day took FAR too long to come around, but here's what I got up to in the first month of 2019.

Ticker tape at the end of a music gig, with silhouette hands in the air


Overall January has been a sour month, mainly due to my health. So many people have struggled through this Winter particular with incessant illnesses and I, unfortunately, was no different. From not being able to hear properly for almost a week and spending a day in tears, to a constant feeling of knives in the back of my throat, it has been really difficult. Despite not being the kind of person to let being ill get me down usually, it did get a little unbearable.

One of the biggest issues was the lack of exercise I was able to do, through both physical exhaustion and mentally struggling with the situation. I've persisted however - which I'm aware probably hasn't helped - in going to work every day, seeing friends, still getting out and about in order to keep spirits up and I think I'm finally on the mend, fingers crossed. I actually went for my second run of the year today and that's definitely progress!


So although it's been a difficult one, the busy schedule doesn't stop and it happened to include the first few gigs of the season! First up, The 1975 in Manchester, and what a bloody brilliant show. Not only were their new songs (from A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships) as great live as I'd expected they'd be, the visuals in particular were incredible. Everything we've come to love about the band is on display in this tour (although self-proclaimed band of the decade? Alex Turner and I would still have to disagree) summed up with cool narcissism, charisma and a strong smattering of weird.

A couple of days later I headed to Leeds' First Direct Arena for Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, supported (yes, I said supported) by Jimmy Eat World. It wasn't as busy as I had expected for the support, to say the tickets were not overly expensive, however for huge fans of Jimmy Eat World it was a prime opportunity to get to the front of the crowd with ease. Frank Turner is always a friendly riot and I really enjoyed the setlist, despite the fact it must be getting more difficult every time to pick from his back catalogue of music. 1933 has become an all time favourite.

Finally, Manchester welcomed us back for Don Broco and Neck Deep. This was a good gig, in a great venue (I am such a fan of Victoria Warehouse) but I didn't have my heart in it. Don Broco's new album hasn't been on my radar until very recently, however I will admit, the ace opening to 'Come Out to LA' and heartfelt performance of 'Got To Be You' swung the night for me.

They had an entertaining show - as always - and let's be honest, who wouldn't enjoy a crowdsurfing cake and a dancing cowboy?


Now, let's talk about New Year's Resolutions. I have a few I'm working towards (lifestyle and fitness related) and a personal resolution myself and David have between us is to eat less meat. I've seriously cut down the amount of milk in my diet too,  partly for fitness reasons but also to see if there's a lactose issue making my illnesses much worse when they strike. We've only cooked meat twice since the beginning of the year which is a huge improvement to our normal food shopping and meal prep routine. My diet for the past couple of years hasn't been very meat heavy, particularly when it came to red meat, but there's always more effort each of us can put into being aware of what we absorb into our bodies and how it affects more than us as individuals.

We actually tried our first Gousto box this month and LOVED the recipes and the meals we were able to make. I'll be straight with you: I am a lazy cook. This means that having a box come to my house with tasty food and instructions on exactly what to do with it all is a dream. My puttanesca was a delight and some might say I would say restaurant standard. David also thought the butter chicken dish was amazing. Despite it being a great experience and it introduced us to some new recipes, it is pretty expensive to get on a regular basis, so we'll be grabbing our own ingredients this month.

I'd love to find some more vegetarian, slow cooker dishes to try out this month to continue the good work (and a one-pot dish is great for people like me!) I usually sweep Pinterest for some veggie inspiration. A meal I do want to attempt is a veggie lasagne because it's one of my favourite classic meals - hook me up if you have a good 'un.

I'm very much looking forward to the month ahead although it's only a short one. I hope you have a wonderful month, too!