I feel like last year sparked a huge increase in my fitness, in a few different ways.

In 2018 I...

- Ran my first Parkrun

- Completed my first ever 10K race

- Got actual visible abs for the first time in my life through HIIT

- Went to more hoop classes than ever before

- Tried aerial yoga trapeze

- Tried aerial sling

- Found my abs!

- Practiced yoga on more than an occasional basis

- Ran 6k by myself and didn't hate it

... and the list goes on.

This year I want to be a bigger and better one in terms of keeping fit. I'm not promising the gym every day because frankly, that doesn't float my boat. However I do want to incorporate going to the gym more often in an effort to improve general fitness and the conditioning needed to complete my actual goals.

I've got a few specific targets in mind to complete before the end of the year, so I'll be trying my hardest to ensure they happen.

Be able to hold a handstand

This was on my list for the latter part of 2018 but I'm still struggling to hold a freestanding handstand. The plus side however, is that I now feel much more confident in kicking up into the shape both against and away from the wall.

I have a few conditioning tips I've picked up over the last six months I want to put into practice and continue with the Cloud Aerial Arts #365handstandchallenge on Instagram (check out my efforts on Instagram @leannemariefitness)

Aerial hoop goals

I love hoop more than ever and hope to continue training with Leeds Aerial Arts this year.

There are some things I want to complete including a Russian Mount (this has evaded me for years!), hold a Planche in the hoop, take part in more doubles hoop, take part in an aerial photoshoot so I can have some professional progress photos and finally, Walking Man with pointed toes!


I can definitely practice enough to do the splits, I'm always just too lazy. Hopefully this will coincide with my hoop and handstand goals and I can combine them to make moves super impressive.

Run a half marathon

So as you can see, running became 'a thing' for me last year and I really want to keep it up. I'm doing Parkrun fairly often - not every week, granted - which I think is a great way of reminding me to run by myself at other times in the week too. 

Right now I'll be honest and say that the dark mornings and evenings are really affecting my running and motivation for it at the moment. I'm hoping as the days get longer I'll get the spark for it back again. Any tips would be appreciated!