Ice skating in Amsterdam Museumplein

My best friend has managed to bag himself a fantastic six-month contract in Amsterdam, so naturally, we just had to go visit him and celebrate an early Christmas together.

We landed on Thursday night and left on the Saturday so despite it being a fleeting visit, we managed to cram in various fun-filled activities (including a night out with the 'Dam's number one drag queen) which was everything we could have wished for, to be honest!

Close up of a breakfast burrito

Our first day breakfast began at Coffee & Coconuts, where we had an incredible breakfast burrito (yes, that's an omelette WITHIN a burrito). There seems to be a running theme of 'instagrammable' food places in Amsterdam, as our meal the night before was also in a bar surrounded by foliage aptly named Bar Botanique.

Best friends stood in front of Amsterdam ice rink

Me skating with a wooden chair

We headed to Museumplein to a huge ice rink they have in the city. As you can see, I am not the most professional of skaters and they have chairs you can use to assist you which is rather helpful. By the end of the session I did manage to skate freely by myself and we got to enjoy a pint or two between rounds. Beside the ice rink were also lots of Christmas market huts, selling more beer, bratwurst and pea soup than you could ever need.

At the moment the Moco Museum in this are also has a Banksy exhibition which would be an interesting visit if you're staying long enough. What put me off however, was that the exhibition isn't actually authorised by Banksy himself. Sort of goes against his message, doesn't it? I wouldn't judge you for visiting regardless, I'm sort of tempted to go back and check it out..

Best friends enjoying a beer in Amsterdam

Our 'big night out' consisted of a visit to The Queen's Head which gave us a fantastic night to be completely honest. I'd definitely recommend here if you want to venture to a friendly, gay bar with music to dance to and although we were too late to catch it, they have a regular drag show in the evening too.

We did however, manage to bump into the Queen herself Miss Diva Mayday who joined us for the night which was one of our trip highlights. The place itself is quite small so ideal for couples or small parties, but there are plenty of bars and clubs in the city to choose from if you have a large group.

Group photo before going outHuge Christmas tree in Amsterdam Dam Square

One great thing about Amsterdam is that the flights can be pretty cheap from UK airports, and getting from Schiphol to the city is really easy. A taxi takes around 20 minutes at about €20 euros, or there's a train and metro service to save some pennies. It's an ideal short city break.

I'm hoping to head back to the city in the next few months to revisit my BFF and explore a little more, so I will do my best to take more pictures!

Let me know on Twitter if you have any recommendations on things to do, or places to visit next time.