I've really stepped up my game this year with a healthy lifestyle (alongside the odd boozy holiday, occasional doughnut breakfast and some tipsy club nights - of course!)

To keep things going in the right direction, I've written some personal fitness goals I want to aim for before the end of the year and I'm hopeful I can get there.

There's always something about committing resolutions to writing and posting it on the internet that makes it feel more important, don't you think?

An almost split in the air on an aerial hoop

Do a freestanding handstand

Honestly, this evades me. I've mastered it against a wall now with some confidence boosting tips from 'The Handstanding Yogi' book but still need serious help in doing it without support. Hopefully I can find a workshop or someone wonderfully stable to help me with this one.

Run another 10k

I did my first ever race this year at the Leeds 10K and although it was difficult, I really enjoyed the experience. It would be great to run the same distance but this time, in under an hour. Read some of my tips for a complete beginner and how to make running easier.

Run 100k before the end of the year

If I manage to keep consistently working on my running, this should be achievable. A few Parkruns and help from the Nike Run Club app should help me make it but I am a bit concerned about running in the Winter weather!

Complete a full 30 day yoga challenge

I absolutely love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and her 30 day plans are really helpful. I've attempted some before but only ever managed around half of them before forgetting or giving up. I've got more motivation than ever right now, so I want to harness it into completing an entire month of yoga practices - finally!

Film a short aerial hoop routine

I love aerial and it's so nice to have gone back to hoop classes recently. It's a wonderfully supportive environment and a lot of fun being in the air, so it would be great to have a full routine to keep track of my progress at Leeds Aerial Arts over the past couple of years.

(If said routine could also include a russian mount then that would be an added bonus!)