As Spring brings us some brighter weather, I've been reminiscing on last year's travel adventures and planning some more for Summer 2018. 

I used to keep a scrapbook including tickets, notes, wristbands and photos of great memories I've made but it's been a while since I've updated it. Printiki are a photo printing service who got in touch regarding a collaboration and it seemed like the perfect chance to start a new book of recent memories, with the help of some retro prints.

A personalised scrapbook with retro photo prints

I take a ridiculous large amount of photographs when I travel to new countries, cities or festivals because I know these are going to be times I want to have a visual memory of. It's so nice to be able to look back at pictures with friends and family in these places and be reminded, particularly when you're suffering from the post-holiday blues!

In the past twelve months I've been lucky enough to venture to places including Stockholm, Glastonbury, Leeds Festival, Lanzarote and Austria. On every one of these adventures I've got some great snaps that I wanted to print and keep as a physical memory.

Printiki offer a huge range of photo prints and styles, from small polaroid-style snaps (like those I chose!) to huge poster size images. It was so easy to upload my photographs and there's also an option to edit your photos, add a filter, customise the frame colour or add a message if you would like to.

The prints I chose are 'Retro Style M' which means they are a 10 x 10cm square frame - perfect for popping into a scrapbook page! The gorgeous book I'm using is personalised by & So They Made and was actually a gift I received last year - isn't it incredible?

A scrapbook with festival photo prints and wristbands

Overall, I'm super impressed with the quality of these and love the vintage look of them when making my new scrapbook pages. The photos also arrived within the week so with speedy delivery, it could also be a great gift for a loved one's last minute present.

Looking back on a fabulous 2017 has gotten me excited for what this Summer has to bring and I'll be sure to catch plenty of photo memories this time round, too!

Huge thanks to Printiki for helping me to make use of my photos and get them into my scrapbook.
Follow them on Instagram too for some more photo display inspiration and let me know if you keep any sort of memory book or photo albums.



Disclaimer: This post contains gifted or subsided items or services, however, all opinions are honest and my own.