WHAT I'VE BEEN LOVING ON TV // in collaboration with Panasonic

In Winter, I really struggle with the early, dark nights but I find it gives us all a good excuse to snuggle up with a good TV series on an evening, until the days get longer. There's something great about making a brew, getting tucked up in bed with your laptop and binge-watching something that has you hooked. 

In collaboration with Panasonic Oled Televisions, I've pulled together a list of my current favourite things to watch on the small screen.

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The Winter Olympics

I went skiing for the first time this year (read more about my trip here) and have absolutely a new found awe for winter sports. Figure skating always fascinated me in previous Olympics but this time I've been obsessed with the snowboarding (particularly the women's) and skiing events too. It's well known that Great Britain don't have a huge aptitude for doing massively well at the Winter Olympics but hey, we can still all appreciate how impressive the rest of the world is doing.

Everything is available on BBC iPlayer to catch up with the latest happening in South Korea, so definitely check out some of your favourite sports if you get the chance.



As I'm sure you're aware by now - if not, what have you been doing - all ten seasons of the popular American sitcom is now available to watch. Having been a solid Friends fan since watching it before and after school on E4 (absolutely the best channel to have existed, ever) I've been introducing it to my boyfriend. He's never seen it properly and only had a vague idea of which one played 'Joey' thanks to Matt Le Blanc's Top Gear stint.

The verdict so far is that he loves it and I, of course, am not in the least bit surprised. We've gasped together at The One with Ross' Wedding and cried together at The One with The Triplets and he is now well and truly invested.

Game of Thrones

Now, I admit I jumped onto the GoT bandwagon much later than everybody else. After reading the first instalment by George R.R. Martin on holiday last year, I got hooked and have since spent most evenings bingeing the TV series. I'm currently whizzing through the final season (so far) and I am  #TeamDaenerys all the way.

Will she defeat them with her dragons? Will Jon Snow survive (again)? Will the White Walkers kill everybody and we'll end up with a 'Lost' type series finale? Who knows, but roll on season 8.

America's Next Top Model

Season by season, the contestants on this programme become more absurd. I absolutely love the whole show, with the makeover week being an absolute highlight. This year's favourites include mother Erin, the 42 year old who looks like one of the youngest girls in the competition and curvy, Siberia-born Khrystyana who just oozes cute.

Tyra Banks is an absolute queen and this is one of my few trash TV shows that I love watching, when I have the odd afternoon or evening to myself. What's not to love about watching a wannabe model cry when they ask her to change her hair? Absolutely nothing.

What have you been watching recently?



Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Panasonic and all opinions are my own.