I'm trying to listen to more, new albums - new to me not in terms of release date, as will become obvious throughout the post - in order to expand my music horizons. There are lots of artists I've never listened to, or have only heard very little of that I want the opportunity to hear properly.

Hopefully, 2018 will introduce me to some new firm favourites in my record collection and I will stop listening to HAIM on repeat (just kidding, that'll never happen.)

Paramore - After Laughter


It's no new information to the people who know me that I am not a fan of Paramore. There's something about Hayley Williams as a character that I find off-putting (not helped by the haircut and eyebrows of Leeds Festival 2012) and ultimately, the songs are a bit whiney.
That being said, some friends encouraged me to listen to their latest album because it's apparently very different to their old stuff.

Verdict: I thought some songs were very average but okay, and overall I was just hugely disappointed this wasn't a pivotal moment for me and Hayley.

Biffy Clyro - Vertigo of Bliss


I am a fan of Biffy's newer music for sure. Their last three albums are, in my opinion, their best and certainly some of my favourites albums EVER. Although I've listened to all of their albums previously, I wanted to give Vertigo of Bliss another listen properly

Verdict: Great, but not my favourite. Diary of Always is a stand out track purely on the basis it is so different from anything else they'd done previously. To be honest, I appreciate anything sang in that raspy Scottish voice.

Rag'n'Bone - Human (Deluxe)


His voice is mesmerising but I've not had chance to listen to this album until now, despite the rave reviews. I could absolutely listen to his music on repeat.

Verdict: A must-listen album, in my opinion.
Definitely a songwriter/artist album in the same vein as Adele, there's so much more than just his hit singles that have been domineering the radio (although those, too, are great.)

The Greatest Showman


I saw the film a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it, I'm definitely a big fan of movie musicals already so add Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron and it's bound to be a favourite. So catchy and so upbeat - the soundtrack is one of the happiest musical soundtracks ever. Written and composed by the duo who wrote the music for 'Dear Evan Hansen', obviously it was going to be incredible.

Verdict: A musical I will listen to on repeat. This Is Me and The Greatest Show are of course, the most powerful and uplifting numbers but 'From Now On' is one of my favourites too.

What have you been listening to lately?