Happy New Year!

I hope you had a fantastic 2017 and are looking forward to a sparkly new chapter this year.

Instead of hugely ambitious 2018 goals, this year I'll be blogging about monthly goals to make things a bit less difficult for myself. Although I do have long term goals in mind, breaking them down into smaller chunks means it's much easier to track progress.

Try something new

I'm going skiing in exactly 5 days and I could not be more excited (and a tad nervous!) for a holiday. I've had a few lessons so I'm confident I won't necessarily throw myself off a mountain accidentally - if I do, please include a link to my blog in any emotional goodbye messages on social media - however I am certainly not experienced enough to avoid a few tumbles. Austria, I'm coming for ya!

Save money

Aside from big spends like my skiing trip, I'm aiming to be more frugal when it comes to everyday shopping. I certainly don't need any clothes, beauty products or materialistic bits having been super spoilt at Christmas. David and I have a joint resolution to save more money of our weekly food shops and eating out, so hopefully this will be an effective resolution all round.

Stick to a bullet journal

I've used a bujo on and off over the past 6 months but have periods of time where I completely disregard it, or forget to follow it. I've set up a new spread for the month of January and hopefully I can stick to it to encourage me to keep up gym, studying and blogging by being a little more organised!

What are your resolutions for the New Year?