Christmas Songs

Unpopular opinion: I am not a fan of Christmas songs.

There's a tendency to play the same Christmas songs over and over again, covered by different artists and I feel we can afford to be a little bit more varied. I get tired of Mariah before December even begins, in all honesty.

My personal exceptions however, are 'Fairytale of New York' (obviously), 'Driving Home for Christmas' and if you haven't heard it before, 'Dubstep Snowman' is definitely worth a listen.

Not getting enough time off

Although I mentioned getting time off was one of the best things in 'Things I Love about Christmas', if you're in retail or hospitality then you may have disagreed!

I know in some professions you won't get the typical Christmas period off of work, however hopefully you still get the chance to enjoy a Christmas dinner with your family and friends at another point, or still feel the festive spirit when you're on shift.

Boxing Day sales

If you're that person queuing outside at Next at 5am then YOU ARE DOING CHRISTMAS WRONG. There is nothing I can buy from a shop that is worth my time standing in a queue over the Christmas period.

Luckily for me, I won't be working Boxing Day this year but for those who are I wish you lots of patience and pleasant customers. If you do need to venture out for a browse or a shop, please remember to treat everyone working with lots of kindness, even if they don't have in store what you're after - it's Christmas for goodness sake!

The long January

Often, there's an early pay day in order for people to have money in time for Christmas day and as great as this is, it does mean January can be a five week long (and very poor) ordeal.

The first month of the year can be a little bit miserable; cold weather, the festivities are done and we all head back to work. I'm sure 2018 will be a good 'un but I'm not ready for the end of this year, yet!

TV Soap Christmas specials

Would it be Christmas if someone from Hollyoaks didn't decide they wanted to kill an ex pushing them off a rooftop, or a pub-goer in Eastenders was killed falling from a ferris wheel? Apparently not.

There's a lot of TV specials I enjoy at Christmas and I'm very partial to the Harry Potter marathon on ITV every year, but the soaps I can definitely do without. I think my mum would probably disagree though!

Is there anything you really dislike about Christmas time?