Christmas bedding, a teal painted wall and decorative cushions

It's not always easy to make a rented flat or apartment cosy and personal, as there can be restrictions in your contract. Here are a few ways to get around it and create a home-y environment.

Paint a wall

Not everyone will be allowed to do this but in some cases, it's worth checking with a landlord. Often you may be able to paint the apartment as long as when you move out, it is painted the original colour again. Although a bit of a faff, if this is a long-term rent then it's worth doing to add some colour and excitement.

Don't feel you have to paint EVERYTHING. Even a single feature wall in a bold colour will give you a chance to express your personality where you live, and brighten it up if you've been given the trusty 'rented magnolia' colour palette when you moved in.

Washi tape walls

This is super, super simple and easy to do and will leave NO TRACE when you move out.

I buy a lot of styles and patterns from eBay for pennies and there are lots of 'washi tape wall' ideas on Pinterest that you should take a look at for inspiration.

Add decorations

Places like The Range or B&M offer lots of cheap home items that could make your place that little bit brighter.

Try adding some photo frames to an empty wall or vases and pretty pots to stand on shelves and windowsills. It never has to be expensive, so even try to make some macrame plant hangers or crafty frames yourself if you're arty, and turn a blank space into something a bit more personal.

Get a plant

Plants make a huge difference to a home, not only because they look great but it gives you a strong sense of responsibility and naturally you feel more like an 'adult'.

Spider plants are a great starter as they grow and reproduce quickly, so your flat could turn into a tiny jungle in no time. If you're scared of the commitment to keeping something alive, a bunch of flowers instead will temporarily brighten up your home.

Keep it decluttered

It's easy to let a small flat get super messy - I am so guilty of this - which can mean it's not a particularly relaxing environment to come back to. Make sure you pencil in time weekly (yes, weekly) to complete a couple of tasks like tidying a room, hoovering the floors or emptying your cupboards.

Little bits of thought at a time will mean you never get to the 'bomb has hit it' stage, hopefully.

Have you got any more tips for rented apartment owners?