LITTLE MIX AT THE ARENA with first direct //

I love to be at the forefront of a good music concert and depending on who you currently bank with - you could be too. Leeds is lucky enough to have it's own arena; a 13,000 seat venue to rival the best of them and it's all sponsored by first direct.

The bank offer lots of perks when you sign up with them including special treatment when visiting the arena. I was lucky enough to be invited along as a guest to the Little Mix concert (to which I replied very quickly of course!) and get the full first direct customer experience. 

Little Mix on stage

After skipping the masses of people queuing by entering via the VIP entrance, we had access to The Black & White lounge where you're free to grab a drink and get drunk relax before the music starts.

Little Mix are well known for their rise to fame on the X Factor, being great role models for their younger audience by representing women positively (salute, salute) and their all-round girl power. They're super fierce and having seen them once before with my 10 year old goddaughter - who was ultimately jealous I got to see them AGAIN - I knew we'd be in for a treat.

I met the rest of the group who were all lovely and of course, shared the same love for the girl band. The main box we were seated in meant we had a prime spot to watch the show, we were treated to a tasty Mexican platter during the support acts and possibly best of all, there was glitter galore.

Glitter station at the FD Arena and Little Mix gig
Selfie of glitter face

With hits like 'Power''Hair' and of course a sassy encore of 'Shout out to my Ex', we all had a fantastic time and I would always recommend their show for a girls - or guys! - night out (they're playing again this month if you're interested - check out the arena event listing)

Bloggers and press at Little Mix concert in Leeds
Little Mix on stage

It was great to get a glimpse into what is available as a customer of the bank and the 'black magic' cocktails certainly weren't bad either!

Take a look at what you'll get for free with first direct at a concert - and lots of further information on how to switch - on their website. It's worth thinking about who you bank with and if these perks are up your street then it's definitely something to look into.

 Massive thanks to first direct and Branded3 for their invite and hospitality on the evening
- it was fab!



Disclaimer: I was invited to this event free of charge however all opinions are my own (because naturally, who wouldn't love a VIP Little Mix experience?)