Of all the changes to the Great British Bake Off, I think it's safe to say one of the best is Noel and Sandi's fashion choices every week. I've got to be honest, it's a close call between which I'm more excited about; Noel's shirt of choice or Stephen's inevitable fantastic showstopper.

Esquire called it at the beginning of the series and it's certainly turned out that, in fact, Noel Fielding is 2017's biggest, unlikely style icon.

Noel and Sandi from GBBO

If you fancy adding a bit of 'Fielding' into your own wardrobe, here's where you can find it:
Lazy Oaf

A twitter storm occurred when both Noel and Zoella
wore the ice cream shirt by this brand.

No surprises, it's now sold out. However Lazy Oaf
have a whole range of equally as cute options.

Vintage Tomato Print Shirt
Farfetch (Kenzo)

This is the classic he wore for Italian week and
unfortunately, it's also sold out.
Keep an eye on the site because I'm pretty sure
Kenzo will be cashing in on this at a
few hundred dollars each.

American Eagle shirt
Silken Favours

The raven shirt Noel wore in the opening episode
was an instant hit and surprise, surprise, it sold out.

Silken Favours have a huge range of alternatives though,
but they don't come cheap.

Busy Floral Print Shirt
Farfetch (Kenzo)

Another Kenzo special and this one is definitely
a ringer for something from a Fielding wardrobe.

Feather Print Shirt
Paul Smith

Again, not an exact match but look at this
and tell me this won't make a feature at some
point in Noel Fielding's outfit choices, in or out
of Bake Off.

Strawberry Print Jumper

If you're not quite as bold in shirt choice,
here's a nice simple option of the
jumper worn in the promo ads for GBBO.

Daisy Shirt
(sale £10)

Not quite a match, but this is definitely
a budget version of a Noel Fielding special.

Black Hawaiian Print
(sale £15)

An alternative floral print, which also
happens to be in the sale so grab it quick.

This was a post a little different to my norm but week by week as I've watched the cake chaos unfold, it was something I absolutely had to do.

Thanks Channel 4 for taking on a challenge and keeping the Great British Bake Off as it should be (despite the ad breaks) and making wardrobe selections bolder and brighter then ever before - including the infamous Mary Berry jacket of yesteryear.

Also, if you're interested, I'm #TeamLiam



These links and prices are correct at time of writing. These are subject to change, or may have been removed from the relevant sites.