*contains spoilers*

This book flips a patriarchal world upside down and really challenges your outlook on gender in society. Set in the modern day, Alderman explores the possibility that women hold all the power due to an electric weapon they have within them. 

Picture of The Power book on a white, flecked material background

From a perspective of various characters (both male and female) we follow each of their journeys. Roxy is a personal favourite of mine. Having grown up with a violent family whose name is feared, she uses her own extraordinary, new power to follow in their footsteps and seek revenge and success. She overcomes a number of horrific situations, but being a voyeur of the worst betrayal towards her at the end of the book is particularly harrowing!

Incidentally - due to this electrical and brutal power - men become the submissive species; a lot of them scared, afraid or wanting to start a war in order to regain their leadership. Even as a female, it made me question a lot of the thoughts and actions that the characters have or do in this book. It is a shocking revelation that this, in fact, isn't far exaggerated from our own situation in today's world.

Implications of an all powerful army of women included male genital mutilation and a ban of men driving or travelling without permission of a woman. I have no doubt that Alderman really hones in on these world issues to draw attention to how shocking they are and that

I really enjoyed the perspective and it is cleverly portrayed, particularly the closing pages. For a book of fiction, the scary similarities of this story and today's society really make you sit up and notice.