Who doesn't love a good weekend brunch?

In Leeds we're spoilt for choice in places to go for a great breakfast and good coffee, so I've pulled together a shortlist of all my absolute favourites in and around the city centre.

North Star Coffee Shop

This one is a short walk out of the city centre and absolutely worth it. The independent coffee shop plays host to barista classes, casual brunch and a huge array of cakes from Noisette Bakery.
Not only does this have a wonderful aesthetic and an all accommodating menu, but the coffee is incredible - being roasted right next door.

Sitting comfortably beside Leeds Docks, home to the Royal Armouries museum, it's definitely a welcome addition to this area of the city. Read my review here.

Ricotta and cherry glaze on brioche

Lampshades in North Star Coffee Roasters in Leeds

The Hub

Taking you outside of Leeds City Centre, The Hub is based in Farsley village which is a mere ten minute train ride away. Not only does this offer a cosy atmosphere and tasty menu, it's hugely affordable and the service is always great.

From a classic five or seven piece breakfast (selecting all your fave items) to a fancy eggs benedict or bacon-topped french toast - there's something for everyone. It's local to me and therefore one of my absolute favourite places to visit when I'm at home.

Ox Club

At the top of the list has to be one of Leeds' favourites. Ox Club restaurant is situated inside Headrow House, a tucked away building with multiple bars and a rooftop garden. The restaurant opened a couple of years ago and the brunch menu has maintained it's reputation all this time. Check out my first thoughts on it's opening here.

Bubble and Squeak is the one, with Avocado on Toast a close vegetarian favourite. The ricotta pancakes are an absolute dream for those with a sweet tooth.

Brunch dish at Ox Club, Leeds

Interior of Ox Club, Leeds

Mill Kitchen

Another Farsley favourite, and often a hit with those attending regular Leeds Indie Food events, this place is the epitome of a hipster hangout. Not only is it ideal for a good brunch and aesthetically pleasing for an Instagram shot or two, it's also a popular family lunch spot and they're hugely accommodating of all ages.

It's a little more pricey than other brunch spots but their homemade brunch/lunch options are so worth the visit.

Have you visited any of these places?

I hope you find this list useful, particularly if you're looking for somewhere to brunch this weekend.
Also leave me a comment and let me know if you've found any other incredible breakfast/lunch spots in the city - there's never too many food places to try!