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Sometimes we fall into an abyss and find ourselves struggling to come up with new ideas, whether it be painting, writing a song or a blog post. It might even be you just can't find your creative outlet. I've recently lost motivation for almost everything, including reading, writing and design which normally bring me a lot of joy.

Luckily, I've been able to shake it off a little in the past fortnight and I'm feeling positive.
Here are some tips I've found useful (recently and through times before) when I get stuck in this rut and they definitely helped to inspire me. I hope that if you're in this position, some of these can be of use to you too!

10 Steps to Spark Creativity

1) Jot down the last dream you can remember and turn it into a short story

2) Write a haiku!

3) Draw something in the room, whether it be a plant, a mug or an item of clothing

4) De-clutter a room in your home

5) Scroll through your photo reel

6) Find someone new to follow on Instagram

7) Watch a film (either a new one for inspiration, or an old favourite for motivation)

8) Buy (and read!) a new book

9) Go for a walk somewhere you've never been before and snap some photos

10) Have a 'creativity' session

If any of these light a fire in you, then I hope you use it to create. Let me know if you've any other tips to spark creativity.