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Sometimes we fall into an abyss and find ourselves struggling to come up with new ideas, whether it be painting, writing a song or a blog post. It might even be you just can't find your creative outlet. I've recently lost motivation for almost everything, including reading, writing and design which normally bring me a lot of joy.

Luckily, I've been able to shake it off a little in the past fortnight and I'm feeling positive.
Here are some tips I've found useful (recently and through times before) when I get stuck in this rut and they definitely helped to inspire me. I hope that if you're in this position, some of these can be of use to you too!

10 Steps to Spark Creativity

1) Jot down the last dream you can remember and turn it into a short story

2) Write a haiku!

3) Draw something in the room, whether it be a plant, a mug or an item of clothing

4) De-clutter a room in your home

5) Scroll through your photo reel

6) Find someone new to follow on Instagram

7) Watch a film (either a new one for inspiration, or an old favourite for motivation)

8) Buy (and read!) a new book

9) Go for a walk somewhere you've never been before and snap some photos

10) Have a 'creativity' session

If any of these light a fire in you, then I hope you use it to create. Let me know if you've any other tips to spark creativity.




I love having a nosey through other people's music collection; mine is few and far between but here it is, in all it's vinyl glory.

The Vaccines vinyl, record player and plant - hipster aesthetic

The Vaccines - What did you expect from The Vaccines?

It's the most recent vinyl I bought so I found it the perfect place to start. This album is one of my all time favourites and almost every single song on this is a winner - notable tunes being Wetsuit and All in White.

Framed Biffy Clyro record and David Bowie artwork print

Biffy Clyro - Opposite

This was the very first record I had bought for me, as my boyfriend got it alongside the record player itself. It's my absolute favourite album of all time (hence this one being framed and pride of place in my music corner) and it's a swanky double LP with beautiful artwork.

The Beatles record and vintage suitcase

Elvis Rocks vinyl record

I have found various bargain albums at vintage fairs and charity shops. A couple of my faves are The Beatles - Rock N Roll Music Vol 1 and Elvis Presley - Elvis Rocks!

Can't beat the classics, particularly when you can often find them for a fiver or less.

Bat out of Hell - Meat Loaf vinyl record

Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell

This is one of my dad's favourite albums so having listened to this an awful lot in the car over my childhood years, it's natural I now find it hugely nostalgic! It's the perfect weekend record to blast out and sing along to - and maybe a cheeky air guitar performance with the flat to myself.

Taylor Swift 1989 record artwork

Taylor Swift - 1989

I'm an absolute sucker for pretty album art. The design of this album is certainly reason alone to purchase it, whether you're a fan or not. Taylor Swift went from being my guilty pleasure, to a full blown girl crush, and recently to 'oh Taylor, what are you doing?'.

That still doesn't stop me playing this full volume and singing into a hairbrush.

The 1975 record and ION record player


Not only is this an album name to rival a Fall Out Boy song title, the aesthetics of this record are worth buying even if you're not a 1975 fan. And if you're not a fan, why? I could listen to this album on repeat, and to be honest, I normally do.

'A Change of Heart' is a favourite.

Adele 21 record

Adele - 25

All of Adele's albums are, of course, spectacular but 25 strikes a chord with me for obvious age reasons. It's incredible to think of the impact Adele has had on music since her first album and I bought this after seeing her live at Glastonbury last year. There are no pretty album art or gimmicks with this and to be honest, with Adele's voice - it's really not necessary.

Mumford and Sons record

Mumford & Sons

This is my favourite Mumford album, despite the others also being smashing. This is my go-to vinyl, without a doubt. Perfect for relaxing to, singing along to, cleaning to, working to
- whatever it may be.

Dolly Parton Greatest Hits

Dolly Parton - Greatest Hits

I found this beauty at a vintage fair and Dolly Parton is always going to be a great choice, particularly when she comes in vinyl. This cracker of an album has - you guessed it - a lot of the hits on there.
'Jolene' is my jam.

Hope you've enjoyed delving into my collection. There's many more that have been inherited (thanks Mum for Frank Sinatra's Christmas album) or belong to David, but these are the favourites!

What's your favourite album, vinyl or otherwise?