GLASTONBURY 2017 // vlog and photo diary

It's my favourite place on Earth. True, I haven't travelled particularly far and wide across the world but as of everywhere I have been at the age of 25, Glastonbury is the most magical place.

Whether you have, or have not been to the UK's biggest festival before, I hope my first foray into a Glastonbury vlog gives a slight indication of what it's like.

From downing a tiny hat of tequila on occasion to drinking cider for breakfast, we enjoyed this Glasto as much our last and I swear there's more to this festival than you may think of any others. Let's be clear: this is not just a music festival. From Kidzfield and Theatre & Circus, to the Greenpeace fields and Stone Circle, it's a haven for a diverse festival experience.

The Killers' secret set was one of the best of the weekend and as well as seeing some old faves (I'm looking at you, Biffy) we got to see some cracking new artists.

If you don't want to check out my impressive thrown together, first EVER Glastonbury video (I'm a little miffed) then check out the few pictures I took.
Flags at Glastonbury in the sun
Friends in the permaculture field at Glastonbury 2017

Fireworks at the Foo Fighters - Glastonbury 2017

 Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2017

Tree Cafe at Glastonbury 2017

Sunset at Glastonbury Festival

Colourful flags at Glastonbury Festival

The Park at night - Glastonbury 2017

Blue skies and colourful flags

Sleeping in the field at Glastonbury 2017

Thanks Eavis family. Till 2019.