Breakfast platter and a cup of tea

The docks are a forever underestimated area of Leeds, unless of course, you live there.

As the months go by, more and more work is being done to get visitors to this side of the city and please believe me when I say you absolutely must, if you haven't already. Not only does it boast the famous Royal Armouries museum, a top notch Yoga studio and a selection of eateries and bars but it's now home to the wonderful North Star Coffee.

A bunch of foodie bloggers were invited down to try out the fantastic brunch menu last weekend. From cheese scones to salted caramel brownies, there's plenty of options if you're looking for a hip place to brunch or fika.

Cheese Scones

Avocado on sourdough bread for brunch

Eggs, bacon and homemade ketchup on a muffin

French toast with ricotta and cherries

Their menu features classics like avocado on toast but only presented in the most Instagram-friendly way possible. My favourite is the brioche topped with house ricotta and vanilla roasted cherries - perfection. Combined with a smooth latte and a tasty treat to finish, what more can you ask for from a weekend brunch?

North Star collaborate with Noisette Bakery to bring only the best of best cakes to you, alongside their own incredible brews. The new cafe sits right next door to the roastery, which also offers barista courses and brew masterclasses. If coffee is something you'd like to improve your knowledge of, you can find their full range of courses here.

North Star Coffee bags

Colourful lampshades and cafe interior

This is a prime spot for taking a laptop and doing some work with a latte, or treating yourself to a cappuccino and cake. It's open from 7am - 7pm during the week too, which means you can grab a takeaway boost of caffeine on your way to or from work.

This introduction of North Star means there's absolutely no excuse to not take a water taxi to this part of town and find out what the fuss is about.