Getting a tan

Sorry to all the pale, bound-to-burn lot out there but I love getting a few shades darker and being able to get my legs out. England is probably not the most reliable place in the world for a hot Summer but we're likely to have a good few days of solid sunshine now and again. And we all sit and pray for it.


Al fresco lunches

I'm not one for salads for lunch just because it's warm, however, taking lunch outdoors is a welcome change. Partner that with a refreshing fruit cider and we're on to a winner.

Ice cream

The proper ice creams; Mr Whippy's with multicoloured sprinkles, chocolate chips and blue sherbet drizzled in chocolate and strawberry sauce. What an absolute culinary delight.

Everyone gets a little brighter

People just love Summer though, don't they? From the usual miserable bus driver to the guy who stands outside the juice bar dressed as a strawberry, everyone just seems that little bit more happy.

Dark morning make it hugely difficult to get out of bed when when the sun is out, I find my morning's so much more productive too.

Festival season

Glastonbury blah blah blah. You get it. Read more about it here and what I take with me here.

Having your hair up

It's now no longer just a cop-out and the fact I haven't washed it in a few days. When the sun's out, there's actually a legit reason for me to sweep it off my face. No one wants a sweaty neck and damp hair, do they?

I'm longing for a long bob at the moment but having to wait until I've played bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding (short hair doesn't go in a chignon, apparently!) Summer is also the time for wild, colourful festival hair. Yay!

Pretty pastel nails

And pastel clothes. And shoes. Everything pastel, really.
Plus it looks good with the aforementioned tan.

Wearing less clothes

Shorts, kaftans, bikinis - you know what I'm talking about. There's more skin on show and I am a big fan. We all head to Topshop for this year's featured crop top or sliders and we're prancing about in the street pretending we're Pinterest-worthy. Just me? Okay.

Just kidding, I don't own sliders.

Being Outdoors

In general, being outside when the sun is shining is so much more appealing. Sure, making snow angels is fun for the first five minutes but personally, Summer far outweighs Winter as my favourite season.


As mentioned, England isn't a particularly warm climate even in the throes of Summer. Most Brits like to head abroad to soak up actual sunshine. Whether you're heading to Malaga or Mykonos, it's definitely something we're now looking forward to.

Hope you're having a wonderful Summer already and long may the sunshine continue.