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Sometimes, life gets a little bit complicated. You're falling at the hurdles and no matter how far you look into the distance, a finish line doesn't seem to be getting any closer.

Recently I've felt a little lost. There are so many different directions I want my life to go in but not entirely sure I can make any of them happen and if I can, where the hell do I start? It's easy to let work, relationships, money problems and more become a burden, so I want to share a few things that can help if you happen to be stuck in this same, uncomfortable boat.


What are the actual problems? Is it something that is out of your control, or something you can work hard to change? If it's the former then stop worrying, there's nothing that you can do to change the scenario so riding it out is sometimes the only way.

If it is indeed something that you can change, then it's all going to work out. You probably know, or will eventually know, what you can do to resolve the mess so concentrate on yourself and get it done.
Then continue with the following points, of course.

Focus on the positive

No matter how terrible a situation makes you feel, there's often a positive and shiny silver lining. A break up, for example, means you've got a chance to spend more time on yourself and some wild, drunken single nights out if the mood takes you.

This advice is probably the most difficult for me. It's important to remind yourself of the great things you have going for you rather than dwell on the negativity. Whether it be amazing friends, family or you have the chance for a fresh start - put your love and appreciation into the things you do have.
As Sarah Knight (a wonderful no fuck giving woman) would say: "Joy over annoy."

Get yourself an end goal

Focussing on a goal means you can steer all your intentions towards a final objective. Putting a more specific goal in place also means that when you reach it, you get an additional sense of achievement.

Personally, I find my goals are never too specific as I don't really like committing myself to something as my thoughts and intentions tend to change a lot. Whatever works for you, try to give yourself a checklist of things to do or a date that you want to complete something by to ensure you keep going.

Treat yourself

Self love isn't necessarily just something to think about when you're in a bad place, however, allowing yourself some precious 'me' time when you feel down can work wonders. Treating yourself doesn't have to be a physical something like buying yourself a new pair of shoes (that's totally okay too) but may mean taking a friend out to brunch, or allowing yourself more time to sit and be creative when you wouldn't normally.

Although this isn't a profound piece of writing that will solve all your problems, I do hope that one or all of these points are able to help you take back some control of your situation.
We all have moments where we struggle. If like me, you prefer to keep it to yourself (and Twitter) then using some of these can encourage some positivity

Ultimately, a change of direction doesn't mean going backwards.