What should you include in your tinder bio? - The Dress Diaries

As someone who is a fan of people finding love online, I thought it would be a good idea to suggest some things you could include in your bio to sell yourself on the popular dating app.

1. Whether you can make a good brew.

2. Your pet's name or, if you don't have a pet, whether you're a cat or dog person.
Important information.

3. Your favourite metal.

4. An obscure reference to your favourite film/TV show so that you can determine whether your potential bae is suitable.

5. Your current Netflix binge series so they know what you like to 'chill' after.

6. A shortened version of your CV because you never know when you'll come across a job opportunity. And I don't mean that kind of job.

7. A request for a gig buddy to a particular event.

8. That you've 'got a long list of ex-lovers' to scare off the haters but also attract Taylor fans because who doesn't want a date with a Swifty?

9.Your best GCSE results.

10. Any dietary requirements. No one wants to take a veggie to an all-you-can-eat meat buffet for a first date.

11. A personalised powerpoint presentation of reasons people should date you. (This is apparently a tried and tested technique.)

12. How long you've been single. Don't they say honesty is the best policy?

13. If you're planning on leaving the country any time soon. Some people want that full-time relationship malarkey.

14. A link to your personal tumblr. One blog post on '50 things you never knew about me' will probably say a lot more about you than a conversation on Tinder ever will.

15. How to pronounce your name - if yours is difficult, long or Irish.

16. Song lyrics, because, that's deep.

17. Your Instagram link. What's the point in talking to these people if they're not going to up your social media count?

18. Emojis. All the emojis.

19. The number of times you've downloaded then deleted (then re-downloaded) Tinder.

20. Your availability; i.e. 'I'm down for it on a Saturday night, I only eat meat on Tuesday, gotta get to yoga on Sunday and I visit my grandparents house on a Monday night. Please schedule a date accordingly.'

I hope this helps you in your quest for true love and if not, I hope you at least get a few interesting replies and a free drink or two!