MAKING CHRISTMAS WARMER // with Cotton Traders

With only ONE working week left till Christmas, it's safe to say that we're all counting down these final days until we can stuff our face with as many Quality Streets as we can muster. The final slog can be a tough one but Cotton Traders are helping to make things a little easier in these last few stressful days.

We received a very exciting surprise at our office door on Monday in the form of a parcel box complete with ribbon. Once I explained to the team that I was certain it was something they would LOVE, they were intrigued to find out why...

As part of their 'Making Christmas Warmer' campaign, Cotton Traders sent us a wonderful, festive-filled package to bring some holiday joy to our office. From tasty Green & Black's chocolate and amazing Whittard's hot chocolate, to festive photo props and a whole lot of Christmas music - it's safe to say we were spoilt.

This time of year is often used to spend time with family, giving gifts to friends and enjoying a couple of days at home without any work worries. It's important not to forget to bring some of the holiday spirit into the workplace too, even if some of us (ahem*I*) have to work throughout the whole Christmas period!

This week we've spent some time away from our desks; decorating the office with cast-off lights, taking well deserved chocolate breaks and chatting about our festive plans. And do you know what? It made the long hours (as it's our busiest time of year!) that bit easier. Plus, blasting Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas' never fails to cheer anyone up.

Huge thanks to Beth and the Cotton Traders team for spreading the warmth this Christmas.

And thanks to my colleagues, for being wonderfully Christmas spirited and getting me through these final days of 2016!