KNIT YOURSELF WARM IN WINTER // #MerryKnitmas with Fenetic Wellbeing

#MerryKnitmas is exactly as it would sound - a Christmas campaign to promote the art of knitting.

Fenetic Wellbeing are a local company who are encouraging people to knit, in order to make sure everyone can stay warm in the cold, Winter months.

My grandma has knitted for years and every December, manages to knit tons of Christmas tree decorations for charity as well as tiny, tiny hats for the premature baby unit in Leeds. This campaign is a great opportunity for me to learn (although my grandma has tried teaching me before... and failed) and master the craft and be able to knit for myself.

The elderly can be particularly vulnerable at this time of year so it's vital that we ensure they stay warm, either by knitting them some accessories or helping them to knit their own.

If you fancy having a go at knitting yourself, Fenetic Wellbeing have a video that could help you make your own, super cute, festive stocking.

Although I am lusting after a little stocking to put on my window pane - I don't have a fireplace or mantelpiece - I'm tackling something a little easier for my first time. I was sent a beginner's kit, including several balls of yarn and a beautiful set of knitting needles were provided to create a colourful Winter accessory.

Using the Cath Kidston 'The Knitting Book', I've started creating my own stripy scarf and although it is a absolutely painstaking long task, I'm finally getting the hang of it! My boyfriend already called dibs on wearing the masterpiece when it is complete, however, he might be waiting a while...

I'd love to keep this up as a hobby and follow my own family's tradition of creating knitted pieces for those who need it.

It's becoming easier by the day and I'm already planning my next creation - it'll be a much, much shorter one!

If you've any crafty, knitting tips for me, please comment below or tweet me!

This post is written in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing, who are heading up the #MerryKnitmas campaign. Big thanks to Zeal for hooking a girl up. D'ya get it? Knitting?! Yep.