A quick follow up of how many of last year's resolutions I managed to succeed with...

The Dress Diaries - Cosy blanket scarf from H&M and denim jacket from Topshop
scarf: h&m jacket: topshop

 Finish my ETM course

This has extended to my 2017 list too. I am 100% committed to it now and have plans in place to finish in the next few months!

See more of the world

As ambiguous as this may be, I feel I have definitely succeeding in seeing 'more'.

This year I've been fortunate enough to visit Dublin, Barcelona and Copenhagen as well as a variety of festivals and various weekend trips in the UK. From climbing Yorkshire peaks to days out at the coast, I think this has been well and truly completed and I plan to continue exploring next year too.

Earn money through freelancing

I've had a few blog opportunities this year which have been exciting and profitable, therefore I can tick this off the list. I've got more freelance plans for next year - read about it in my 2017 Resolutions post.

Build a capsule wardrobe

Failed. Miserably.


We painted first thing after New Year and have since decorated our living room just how we want, more or less. We've put up shelves and painted our spare room and this year, have plans for the bedroom and bathrooms. Adulting is actually pretty cool.

Make the most of my time

I am extremely glad to be one of those people who takes photos of everything. After a quick look back through a year-s worth of Instagram posts, I've reflected on this one and have done an awful lot in 2016. From seeing more of friends, to spontaneous trips and nights out as well as my travels, it's been a great one.

Meet my Goodreads challenge goal



I've driven far more this year and I don't feel completely terrified anymore, which is a huge help. Read about my experiences here

How have you done with last year's resolutions?

Will you be resolving any of the same this year?