Second Year

After a Summer of working to save up some more beer money, I waltzed into second year with optimism and fully intending to work much harder. Did this happen? I'll let you hazard a guess...

Moving out of halls

From the comfort of halls, being surrounded by friends and still having meals catered for me, it was a massive change to move into our own apartment. After all kinds of arguments between friends about who wanted to live with whom, my boyfriend and I decided to go it alone. I'm hugely glad I didn't move into a shared house with 8 other people if I'm honest but at the same time, it wasn't all plain sailing in the situation I did end up in.

You'll be spending nine months (ish) of your life here so make sure it's comfortable, close to the places you need to be or near main roads/public transport and more importantly, pick somewhere you'll want to spend your time. Yes you'll have lectures and wild nights out but the majority of your time out o the pub will be spent at home, so it needs to be somewhere enjoyable.


In second year I still didn't have a job but I had worked hard to have a bit more spending money this year round. I'd definitely recommend to people to get an overdraft if you are fairly good with money.

More about this in my experience as a first year here.


This is a tricky one. You've probably heard that it's difficult to keep a relationship going in the transition from college to university and to be honest, I wasn't in a good enough relationship to even attempt it. I embraced the change as it meant I opened my eyes to more opportunities and meeting new people and lucky for me, someone better happened to come along.

Keeping a relationship going throughout uni however, I didn't find so easy. Two tips: firstly, don't move in together until you're ready. Secondly, make sure you still have some 'me' time.

It's so important to not get trapped in a place where you feel you don't have any personal space or time. Uni is a time to meet new people and have a lot of fun and this might not be as easy if you're not enjoying where you're living and more importantly, who you're living with.

I learnt this in a rough rollercoaster of a relationship mess in my second year so if this does happen to you and you find yourself in a sticky situation? My best advice is: forget it, go out, get drunk and DO UNI. This isn't the reason you left home in the first place so don't waste any time moping.

Sandwich Degrees and Work Experience

The former isn't a specific qualification you need to get a job at Subway, it means some degree courses offer a 'sandwich' curriculum, meaning in your third year you can get a placement for up to 12 months before finishing your course. I had an option to do this but nobody (I think?) I started my course with opted for the extra year. Personally, I knew I'd find it hard leaving education to work full time for a year then going BACK for a final year.

On the other hand, at work we offer an internship every year and the year of actual work experience you gain will definitely put you in better stead than those without after graduating.

Is there anything you'd add about your own experience in second year, or would you like any specific advice? Let me know.