View across Glastonbury Festival 2015

I am ridiculously excited - as you've probably heard many a time before if you follow me on Twitter - that next weekend is Glastonbury Festival. We're heading there with Oxfam tomorrow (more about Oxfam Stewarding here), so what better time to let you know the things that you MUST try if you have the chance to go this year.

Stay up all night

Okay, so probably not EVERY night because after a couple of days you won't appreciate anything in your delirious state. At least once though, try to make it till the early hours. Go dancing, drink a lot, party hard and watch the sun rise whilst having a crumpet.

Visit the Permaculture Garden

Through the trees in the Green Fields, an often overlooked spot is the permaculture garden. Here is the epitome of the hippie stereotype but it's definitely an experience to be a part of. As a sustainable and self-sufficient area of the festival, all food and drink here is grown around you, fantastic quality and vegetarian. We had tea and cake whilst listening to fellow visitors playing the guitar and singing. Definitely a great time-out from the chaos of the festival elsewhere.

Make the most of the food

One of the main things we realised after our first festival here is that we needed to save that little bit more money to spend on the food. Not necessarily because of the expense (like most festivals it can be pricey but Glasto stall-holders offer many deals) but because when surrounded by such amazing food, a pot noodle just won't ever cut it. From halloumi wraps, to pies, to ostrich burgers, Glasto caters for everyone.

(We still miss you though, Pie Minister.)

Go to the Glastonbury sign

You can't go to Glastonbury without instagramming a picture of yourself with the huge, recognisable, birghtly coloured sign at the far end of the field.

Visit some of the bars and buy a drink

So although it's free reign with alcohol at Glasto and people can come and go as they please with their own beer, it's worth buying a pint or two and experiencing some of the bars around. Rock the Kasbah, Bread & Roses and the bars in Shangri-La are all worth a visit.

And if you're going this year? Let me know what you're most looking forward to!