Freshly cooked pizza from MOD Leeds

Do you want a pizza with all your favourite toppings cooked fresh, accompanied by the mother of all milkshakes? Of course you do.

MOD Pizza is an American chain that has just opened it's first UK franchise is my home town of Leeds and to be honest, we're all a bit excited about it. It's a casual pizza dining experience with a great atmosphere and what's more, it's super affordable.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not at all a Five Guys fan as far as fast food is concerned. I've visited a couple of time (though never my choice) and found it far too pricey and to contain far too much grease. Although along similar style of restaurant, MOD Pizza gives a whole new meaning to customised food in a way that it's competitors never have.

Making a pizza at MOD Leeds

Garlic strips and a milkshake at MOD Pizza Leeds

Pizza and garlic bread at MOD Pizza Leeds

Everyone is amazingly friendly, in a lovely albeit over-the-top American way. I'm quite a fan of this celebratory style 'HEY YO' they express every time someone walks through their door. If you're struggling to decide on your custom pizza choice, ask a member of staff because they're sure to have a recommendation that could suit you.

We, on the other hand, had no such problem. I chose chicken, bacon and all the green veggies I could find whilst David opted for meat, meat more meat and garlic. Anywhere that offers asparagus on a pizza is fantastic in my opinion and it was by far by favourite of the two. It's easy to choose as much or as little as you'd like, go simple or go all out, choice is yours.

We were treated to garlic strips as a starter too, although I'd recommend thinking long and hard about whether you want these or save enough room for dessert instead. Although I didn't get chance to try them myself (SO. FULL.) they offer cinnamon strips to dip into a variety of sweet sauces and it sounds incredible. This will definitely be on the list to order next time we visit!

Close-up of meat pizza from MOD Pizza Leeds

Biting into a pizza

MOD isn't just a fab new pizza place but the company itself is very much about putting people first. Not just their great customer service but also really looking after their staff a.k.a. The Mod Squad (I kid you not) creating a positive workplace and apparently, the wages are pretty great too.

Not many companies are as great as putting people before profit but it sounds like the MOD chain could be the ones to encourage this.

Last but not least, as well as serving some favourite draft beers they serve a cracking milkshake. I've never really been a fan of milkshakes but the chocolate with salted caramel may have changed my mind on them for good!

I'm super happy to welcome MOD Pizza to Leeds' ever-growing and constantly changing food community. Take a trip outside of town next time you're after a cheap and great bite to eat.

What do you think? Will you be checking out MOD Pizza?



This post features items I was given free of charge or with a discount. This has no effect on my opinions, they are, of course, my own and truthful. Try lying with a chunk of beautiful  pizza in your mouth.