View across the Cameron Highland tea plantations


One of the highlights of my trip to Malaysia last year (read more about it here) was visiting the Cameron Highlands. So many people said it was a must visit and that they had a fantastic time, so we booked a coach from KL and stayed there for a couple of nights.

On arrival in Tanah Rata, there were lots of budget accommodation options in the area to choose from exactly where the coach dropped us off. I'd highly recommend staying somewhere in the area as it's close to shops and restaurants and all coach trips pick up from that exact spot too. If you're looking to enjoy some local cuisine, try out Ferm Nyonya for a traditional 'steamboat' meal.

Steamboat means they basically bring out a ton of different ingredients (from squid and noodles, to eggs and meat) and a pot of water on a stove, for you to add the food at your leisure. It's such a good way of socialising with people and really experiencing a meal out. Although it took us almost three hours (!) to eat ours, we loved the whole idea.

The owner was wonderful in talking us through the ingredients and the order in which we should cook them, as we must've looked at it all in amazement when we were presented with it!

Steamboat meal experience

Unlike most places in the world, Cameron Highlands is somewhere I would hugely recommend going on an organised tour as it's quite a difficult journey. For the price you pay in Malaysia and the amount of places you get to visit on the way, it's amazing value anyway. There's a tourist information point at the coach drop off in Tanah Rata, which is where we booked our full day trip.

We were taken to a butterfly farm, rose gardens, a strawberry farm and a buddhist temple. The main highlight of the day however was exploring the tea plantations and a visit to the Boh tea factory.

Decor at the tea plantation factory

Our wonderful tour guide actually stopped on the way to the the tea factory where we stepped out of the van (precariously, as the road is ridiculously narrow and the plantations are quite a drop...) and got the chance to take some amazing pictures.

We stopped for breakfast here as well as a cup of their finest home brews and got to sip it with the most beautiful backdrop of tea plantations. This is the kind of place you see on Pinterest and think 'WOW' and I can guarantee, it's somewhere you'll be so glad you've had the opportunity to see for yourself.

Standing with a tea plantation backdrop in the Cameron Highlands

Nasi Lemak breakfast in Cameron Highlands

Having tea across the plantations

Following this we ventured into the mossy forest, named so as it's so high above sea level the precipitation allows moss to cover the entire area. There occurred some questionable wandering through this forest as tourists aren't actually allowed here between October and April. But rules are for breaking, apparently...

Mossy forest in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

If you're looking for places to visit if you're in this beautiful part of the world, the Cameron Highlands are an absolute must. There is so much to see and do here over a couple of days so try to make it a stop on your route!

If you want to find out more about travelling in Malaysia, see my posts about my time in Kuala Lumpur and Penang and let me know what you think!