Full fringe with gaps

I've had my fair share of experiences when it comes to having a fringe. From the gappy, too-short child fringe to side-swept 'emo' bangs. Name a style - I've had it. The full fringe is always risky territory and although I've attempted to care for one a few times before, it usually only lasts a couple of weeks and then I become too lazy to care.

The most recent one however, has lasted a surprising amount of time and now I feel I'm finally (24 years on) equipped to give it the love and attention it requires. Here are some things you need to know about dealing with a full fringe.

A proper blow dry

One thing I never took enough time to do is prep for a blow dry. A combination of a good radial brush, heat protection spray and hairdryer is everything you need to sort out your fringe on a morning. Towel dry your hair then in quick bursts, blow dry your fringe around the brush as much or as little as you need it to curl. I use a large round brush (here) as it's quite a thick, long fringe that needs a wide curl so it falls on my eyebrows rather than over my eyes.

Add a tiny bit of hairspray to set it. Boom, done.

Avoid the heat

Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT straighten your fringe if you can help it. If you've adhered to the first piece of advice, you shouldn't need to even think about reaching for a burning tool of frizz.

If you reeeally have to (y'know, waking up late or it's just not playing ball) it's acceptable to straighten it lightly into submission as long as you use a good heat protection spray. You should be using this for your entire head but when a fringe is framing your face and is difficult to hide, you don't want it to resemble a hay bale. Been there, done that - just ask my 18 year old self.

Master the length

The whole short-fringe thing is something that I'll be avoiding at all costs. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool AF on the right person but alas, I am not one of them. I've found my place in the 'fringe-so-long-it-almost-covers-your-eyes' part of the fringe-sphere. And that's where I'm staying.

Having a longer fringe also means it's easy to switch between full fringe and a side fringe for lazy days or when you've left it a little too long between trims.

Forget the dreaded early morning hair wash

 A pro of having a fringe is that instead of setting your alarm early because you need to wash your hair before work - gals, I feel ya - you can JUST wash your fringe and it suddenly looks like you're doing a much better job of grooming than you really are. The rest can be screwed into some sort of tumblr messy bun or ponytail and your clean, perfect fringe disguises it as a chic up-do.

You're welcome.

When all else fails...

Remember that Daisy Lowe is QUEEN of the fringe.

Seriously, check out her Instagram for a positivity boost when you wake up with a hair disaster and it will put everything into perspective. Sure we don't have her banging body and beautiful face but hey, we can show the same sort of confidence when it comes to rocking a gappy fringe.

Close up of a full fringe hairstyle

I hope this helps a bit if you face the same daily struggles or thinking about making the leap into full fringe-dom.

Do you have any fringe tips?