So starting the year as I mean to go on (and new year, new me - all that nonsense) I've finally started decluttering things that have been a nuisance in the past year. First off, my apartment.

We moved in over six months ago now and have only just started to think properly about decorating and turning this place into a 'home'. We had a spare room full to the brim of all of our my shit and it's about time I admitted it and did something about it.

My name is Leanne and I am a clothes hoarder.

Here's some tips I've been practicing (and am now preaching) to help you overcome the same wardrobe obstacles.

Start small.

Open your wardrobe and work through it, piece by piece. It's as simple as that. Once you make a start on it, it will be much easier to keep going and become more and more ruthless.

Give to charity

Do you have clothes that don't fit, are out of season or you've just never worn? Get them in a charity bag and take them to your local shop. They appreciate almost any item of clothing or accessories in a good and wearable condition (no underwear/bras, for obvious reasons.)

There are various charities that are likely to have a charity shop near you, however, I've been giving to Oxfam GB have an amazing campaign. I strongly believe in their work and I currently volunteer with them in the Summer already - read more about that here! As if helping charity isn't a great enough reason already, Oxfam also allow you to earn nectar points when you give to their shops! The Tag a Bag campaign info is here, who wouldn't want points to put towards your future clothes purchases?

Clothing Banks

If there isn't a charity shop near by or you have clothes that aren't in the best condition (damaged, worn etc.) it's likely there's a clothing bank near you. They accept any textiles as long as they're clean and dry, as they can always be recycled into various other products that will be of use to somebody else in the world. Find your nearest bank here.

Get money for your things

Websites like eBay, Gumtree or apps like Depop have made it so easy for you to make some money on unused or unwanted items you've cleared out of your home. Anything you feel is valuable or brand new and you want to make some of your money back for, stick it online and hopefully someone will snap it up.

I recently made £40 on a dress that I originally paid £60 for over a year ago and I was over the moon.

Give to friends or family

Sharing is caring. Take the clothes you've plucked from the wardrobe round to a friend's house and see if they want to claim anything. I've often ended up with a cute shirt or a nice top from a pal (particularly pals who used to work in Laura Ashley, winning) just because they happened to be spring cleaning. If a pair of jeans have become a little bit tight or that size 12 dress is now too large for you, give it to your sibling, cousins or a friend who lusted after it when you bought it.

Happy decluttering!

Are you decluttering for the start of 2016?