Dark Places
Gillian Flynn

After Gone Girl (read my review of that here), I'd be crazy not to want to read more of Gillian's work. I've already started reading this and I'm absolutely hooked. It's another creepy, 'murderful' tale and yet again, we're left suspicious about all the characters and not quite sure who to trust. When you have no idea where a plot is going, that's the sign of a great thriller in my opinion.

This book is also going to be a film adaptation later in the year and I'm hoping it's going to live up the the original story.

How to Overcome Fear of Driving: The Road to Driving Confidence
Joanne Mallon

Driving has become a 'thing' in my life now. It would be useful to do it and now I have access to a car, it makes sense for me to finally make the most of it. I passed my test over four years ago but have rarely driven since because I hate it. I think I'm going to document a bit more about my journey to get over this on TDD at a later date but this book is the start of increasing my driving confidence!

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
Elizabeth Gilbert

You've probably seen this ten times over on your Instagram feed if you follow artsy-fartsy, creative types like I do. It's a book that I've heard and seen a lot about and I'll be honest, it got me interested and I finally ordered my own copy. I'm not a huge fan of these 'motivational' books full of jargon but I got this on the understanding it's a little different?

I'll let you know. In the meantime, you can be sure I'll Instagram this soon enough.

For now, keep updated with my reading progress on Goodreads and connect with me so I can see what you're reading this year!