Cider is always my drink of choice, so we headed to The Maven bar in Leeds the other week to celebrate the launch of Blind Pig Cider.

We indulged in the various new flavours, my favourite being the whisky, honey and apple blend which is the perfect Winter tipple. So perfect in fact, I might have drunk too many quite a few of them. David opted for the rum and poached pear which I didn't like half as much (boo).

These interesting cider blends are a token drink for this kind of hideaway and absolutely something I'll be ordering again. Particularly as Autumn is upon us and the cold nights have closed in, a bottle of one of Blind Pig is exactly what's needed.

The prohibition style bar is the hot trend in Leeds right now but none do it better than The Maven. With absolutely no signage or directional outside, you're led up a staircase to a simple letter M on the doors. Enter to a cosy, hospitable atmosphere lit with candles and get used to being surrounded by animals in suit jackets staring at you from paintings (which artist is this and where can I get a painting? serious question.)

It's probably one of the best hidden gems in Leeds and the bar staff are always superb. Although drinks are a little more pricey in this part of the city, it's absolutely worth it for the environment.

The third flavour of cider was the winner of the night for me - bourbon & blueberry. Such a refreshing drink, it's the one flavour of all I tried that I felt would be perfect all year round. Although the whisky, honey and apple was beautiful, a belly-warming drink like that is something I can only imagine opting for at this time of year. The blueberry concoction would be a very nice option of cider in the sunshine, come July!

We were also treated to some nibbles by Bears Pantry including the most wonderful marshmallow-y dessert bites which I've not been able to stop craving since. 

Here's a sneaky shot of me taking photos (story of my life) of their spectacular bar set up. We had such a fun night and it was lovely to see some friendly faces. Have a browse through more of the professional photography here.

Huge thanks to Sarah from S L Social for organising such a fab event and also to everyone who was involved, from food to photography!

Have you tried any of the Blind Pig cider flavours?