Yes, that's right. It's close enough to December for me to think about what I'd love to receive at Christmas. It's not all about the presents but let's be honest, it's great to get pretty things from friends and family and equally lovely to give some in return. These are a few things I've spotted over the past few months that I'd be super happy to get this year.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick, Glastonberry

Of course this had to feature because I am jealous of everyone who owns one (I'm looking at you!)
I am not prepared to spend this much money on a lipstick myself but if someone was generous enough to buy me one? That's another story. Perfect A/W shade and of course, it's named after my favourite place in the world.

Rucksack - Fjallraven

This would be perfect for my Malaysia travels if I weren't going away before Christmas. Fortunately, I'm planning many more trips in 2016 so it would be super useful and I'd certainly make the most of it. There are so many colours available though, I'm not even sure which I'd pick!

Wine Swing Dress - InTheStyle

It's no secret that one of my biggest guilty pleasures is Made In Chelsea. When Binky announced her fashion line with InTheStyle, I was excited. If wearing t-shirts and jeans for 95% of the parties she attends is her thing, this line would be right up my street. I really like this pretty, floaty number although I'm yet to try anything with the lace up front trend that's hit the high street.

Christmas bedding - George @ ASDA 

I absolutely love bedding and any excuse to get some new bedding is fine by me. George at ASDA have so many cute, Christmas themed sets this year and I've managed to refrain from buying any - so far! This one has moose in boots on it, so of course it was my favourite. Moose. In boots. Yep.

I discovered Meadowlark through another blog and have been obsessed ever since. Although the engagement rings are absolutely stunning and I definitely have my eye on one, I'm not ready to adult yet and that's a long way off (I think!) The other rings on this website are stunning however and I'd love a beautiful piece from their collections.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This has been popping up all over social media and as a creative (chuckle) myself, I'd love to give it a chance. I'm not a fan of cliched, motivational books full of bullshit but I do believe in positive reading and you can never have too many creative influences.

What will you be putting on your Christmas list?