The age old question: If you had to choose one type of food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? My answer: Indian.

Lots of spices, messy eating and more importantly, the amount of choice. Bundobust, as a hub of craft beer and amazing Indian street food, offers exactly that.

The location is actually pretty easy to miss unless you're stumbling the wrong way out of the train station (I mean Leeds visitors obviously, not just y'know, drunk locals). Tucked away down Mill Hill, Bundobust is a bar with a lively atmosphere and friendly faces. Could you ask for anything more?

My craving for Punjabi food can be traced back to the neighbours I had as a child and the amazing spreads they put on for every occasion. Home cooking is, traditionally, ten times better than a restaurant but Bundobust accepts the challenge and rises above it.

We were kindly invited to try the new menu last week, so we grabbed a drink (Berliner Pilsner for me please, heaven in a keg) and enjoyed the decor which is definitely noteworthy. It's a mismatch of colourful doors and frames, arguably the quirkiest bar setting in the city.

The amount of food followed was immense. My favourite dish was the chole bhatura and honestly, if someone could cook me spicy chickpeas and a beautiful indian flatbread like that for every meal, I'd happily accept. The other dishes were just as good; dhal & rice is always a winner and super filling, although I found it surprisingly spicy in comparison to the rest!

The paneer kebabs weren't my favourite but that's just me (I don't like mushrooms, soz), David seemed to enjoy them wholeheartedly. Bundobust offers a fully vegetarian menu and if you're not sure whether a veggie lifestyle is for you, this place might encourage you to try. Everything was tasty and full of flavour and ultimately, we left feeling like we'd eaten enough for the week.

I couldn't recommend this place enough for a casual evening catch up and a bite to eat. Whilst attempting to demolish a pint of every craft beer on the list - it's a long list - choose a few dishes from the menu and share away. Even better, get a big group together and go wild with the menu, you'll want to try a bit of everything! It does get pretty busy on a Friday and Saturday evening however, so get there early and bag a seat.

Also if you don't happen to be from these Yorkshire parts, they've got plans to open another bar in Manchester next year ;) Check out their food and beer lists here if you need any more persuasion.

Thanks for looking after us so well, Bundobust!