One of the best things about moving into a new place? I FINALLY HAVE A BATH! It was on my 'must-have' list and having now settled in, I ventured into Lush for some lovely bath things for the first time in ages.

The first I picked up was an inevitable winner. 'Butterball' is a really subtle scent that makes your skin feel super soft and makes a huge difference if you suffer from dry skin. It does leave your skin feeling a tad greasy but the cocoa butter acts as a moisturiser and smells lovely.

I picked up a 'Fizzbanger' because, well, why wouldn't you when it sounds like a product of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? This one is full of surprises and made my bath a wonderful, swirly green and it smells great. A mixture of cinnamon and sweets, I'd definitely get this one again.

Always a favourite. 'The Comforter' is basically what I imagine bathing in Barbie's townhouse would be like and smelling like a loveheart sweet for the rest of the week. The smell is divine and I always pick up a bubble bar from Lush when I venture in. They last enough for few baths which I always feel is much better value than a bath bomb, although a bomb is usually pretty impressive.

I've heard there's now a shower cream version of this scent, so I'll be snapping that up when my 'Snow Fairy' runs out!

This is another of my all time favourites: 'Mask of Magnaminty'. This peppermint mask works wonders on spot-prone skin and you'll notice the difference immediately after using it for the first time. I tend to use it sparingly, maybe once or twice every fortnight so as not to dry out my skin. If you've been hitting it hard (be that alcohol, cakes or work - I'm guilty of all three right now...) pick this up and give it a go.

The girlfriend award this week goes to... me, for providing the fella with 'Kalamazoo' for his face. He mentioned he wanted to start using some beard products and this caught my eye between bath bomb hunting. Pineapple and almond oil are just a couple of ingredients in this facial wash and it smells lovely. David's testimonial for this product, and I quote: 'My beard is so soft!' There you have it.

It's safe to say, I'll be heading back to Lush to restock very, very soon.

What's your latest Lush purchase?