As the end of Summer is drawing closer and closer in the UK, I'm trying to make the most of the season we have left. When Glasses Shop got in touch, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try out some new sunglasses for the remaining sunny days.
They offer a huge range of styles and even offer prescription sunglasses which I know a lot of people find useful, as most of my family have pretty poor eyesight without prescription lenses. I, on the other hand, don't have that issue (yet) and opted for the Seyne Round Tortoise sunglasses.

At first, I wasn't sure about the gold centre frame but actually, the more I've worn them, the more of a statement I think it makes! I love the shape of these and for the price, they're really great value.

The tortoiseshell colour definitely sold me on them, it works really well the the gold accents and they fit perfectly on my moon face. The only possible downside is how thin they are, if you're a bit clumsy (I haven't been yet, fingers crossed) they could break pretty easily. I really like the fact they're so skinny though, the roundness and thin frames make the term 'geek chic' pretty apt.

They're even coming with me right through to Autumn as we try and catch the last few bits of sunshine. Check out their range of glasses on their website here and let me know if you've tried them.