When I was younger, my parents took me to the east coast for holidays and one of our favourites was Bridlington (aka Brid, if you're from up North!)

I distinctly remember visiting a model village and finding it fascinating as a child, so it was somewhere I really wanted to revisit. Bondville Model Village is located in Sewerby - just off the coast - so we went to the seaside for a day and I took a step back into my childhood.

After a couple of hours drive, we were in dire need of a good brew to start our adventure so we went straight to the tearooms on site. With a beautiful coffee & walnut cake (David had a scone) and a pot of tea, we were ready to explore the miniature town.

Bondville model village is a miniature town with mini versions of everything, from the local newsagent to a castle with armed guard to a harbour with motorised boat.

One of my favourite things about this place and dioramas in general is the attention to detail. Whoever makes an entire village with coin-sized people and still puts the effort into creating secret corners and hideaways have my admiration. It's definitely necessary to wander around this village more than once because I guarantee, you have missed some of the quirky additions first time round.

Something I realised on our trip was that as a child, I was clearly easily impressed. Much more easily in fact, than when you embark on a walk around a tiny model village at the age of 23. That being said however, it was so lovely to see that nothing had changed from so many years ago! We actually had a great time, despite being the only adults without children or of retirement age.

It's a lovely trip out whether you have children or not and I'd definitely recommend it if you're planning a coastal holiday. Oh and grab a slice of cake, too.

Aaand I'm going to finish with a cute photo of me the very first time I visited the seaside and the model village. Here you go.