BEAUTY HAUL // Ft. Boots No7 and L.A.B. 2

A very bright, beauty haul for you today. I've been due a few updates to my makeup and finally got round to purchasing some pretty additions. As you've heard a few hundred times before, I'm a huge fan of the Boots No7 range and this year they're celebrating their 80th anniversary. 

A few weeks ago Boots No 7 offered a gift box with every two purchases made from their range. This included a skin illuminator, an eyeshadow, a small mascara AND a voucher for a free lipstick. Some of these are featured below but the lipstick I only purchased recently; keep an eye on Instagram because I'm sure it will make an appearance!

One of the items I bought was this. I did not read the packaging properly and thought this was a liquid eyeliner - schoolboy error.

It turns out it's actually an oddly shaped brush dipped in black powder to create a smokey eye effect, just as it says. I've tried this a few times and although it creates a really pretty, smokey makeup look the staying power isn't great. It ends up smudged around my eye quite quickly so if you're wearing it, keep a mirror handy and reapply.

I wish I'd had the skin illuminator earlier in the Summer, it's quite a shimmery one! I don't think I've utilised it enough to judge yet but so far, I quite like it under some of my paler foundations to give them a little more depth.

The Essentially Natural Foundation is definitely a great alternative to my usual foundation types, which obviously, are mostly No 7. The liquid formula is much lighter and my skin has thanked me for the break in the past couple of weeks! It's not available in the full range of skin shades but I found the 'warm ivory' has been ideal, even with a few extra freckles and a slight tan.

This eyeshadow is a lovely autumnal colour so I'm excited to wear it more as October approaches. My past experiences with No7 single eyeshadows have always been great so I have no doubt this will be the same. In combination with the smokey powder eyeliner it creates a glam, smokey look.

I am terrible at replacing makeup brushes and have used the same ones for way too long, so I was excited to try L.A.B's 'I'm Turning Pro' brush set they kindly sent over.

The set includes a foundation, buffing, contour and eyeshadow brush. Immediately the buffing brush became my new favourite because of it's size and shape. I love a powder brush that perfectly fits my actual powder and it makes it easy to apply, you can get great coverage quickly.

I've been using a No7 foundation brush for a while so I thought I'd try the L.A.B. one instead. Unfortunately, I used it a few times but the long, thin style just doesn't work with foundations as easily as I find other brushes. It doesn't pick up a lot of product and it's not easy to control and apply. It works better for under eyes and creases so would make a much better brush for concealers.

this beautiful little writing pot is from an old season at Wilkos; they usually have fab homeware ranges all year round
The contour brush shape is superb and this is actually the first proper contour brush in my collection, usually I prefer a small powder or blusher brush. It's angled so you can apply makeup perfectly across your cheekbones and the length is ideal to control.

The eyeshadow brush is good for applying a base colour but not so much for blending, so I'd use it alongside other eye makeup brushes. Overall, the set is a great addition to any brush collection and they look super professional, which makes people think I know a lot more about beauty than I actually do.

It's nice to have some new products to experiment with and my makeup bag certainly looks a lot healthier now! The makeup bag itself was a lovely treat from Lola & Gilbert in a goody bag I receive from a fun, style event which you can read about here.

Have you bought any new favourite makeup products recently?



This post features some products that were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and unbiased; I actually really like them.