One of the smallest things on my bucket list is to go berry picking. It's just one of those things that I've never got around to and being a city girl, it had always seemed easier to head into town for a shop, a coffee and grab a pack of mixed fruit from the local supermarket on the way home instead.

As it's a fair bit easier than ticking off 'travelling Australia' on my bucket list at this moment in time, we headed out to Horsforth's Pick Your Own site a couple of weekends ago.

It's nearing the very end of strawberry season in the UK so we had our work cut out, delving and rummaging for some sizeable berries. If this is something you want to do this year, do it before they're all gone!

polo jumper - missguided // dungarees - asos // nails - 'apple' crabtree & evelyn
 It was pretty busy and it's a surprisingly fun way to spend a lazy Saturday morning. We were given a couple of empty punnets on entrance and the rule was 'pay for what you pick'. This meant there was no need to pay a silly amount to fill an entire carton if we didn't need to.
1 - PYO, 0 - Supermarkets

We then headed across to pick my favourite: raspberries. At this time of year when they're perfectly ripe and sweet, I knew I wanted to leave with plenty! 

From David's wise, country bumpkin days, his main tip was: If the berry doesn't come away easily, it is not ready to be picked. So there you go, bear that one in mind.

If you want to see what I did with the fruit we picked, head over to my Instagram for some fruity cake snaps ;)

Hope you've enjoyed my tiny life experience with me. I just thought it'd be a nice Summer activity as we're nearing the season's end and it was an opportunity to take some fruity photos!

Have you been berry picking before?