As Summer arrived with a tremendous heatwave, I realised the extent of my paleness and vowed to correct it.

I am an impatient person when it comes to things like self-tanning. I always think it will be a wonderful idea until I'm half way through when I've forgotten which leg I have already applied it to then splashed water everywhere by accident - only to produce a streaky, messy tan and a beautifully bronzed bathroom.

Here's a few things I've found that have seriously helped me overcome my fake tan fear and prepped me for this weather!

Soleil Colour Collection by Bic

I'm all for feminism but leaving your leg hair to grow isn't the be all and end all of all gender expectations. I just want smooth legs under a skirt and my tattoos to not hide under a furry blanket, please.

My ultimate failsafe is a disposable razor because:

1. You can buy in bulk
2. You don't need to recharge them and
3. You can chuck one in your travel bag (unless you're flying, they won't let you do that).

Bic are well known for quality and value for money and combined with the rainbow selection, it's a must have for Summer. Even if it just makes your toiletries bag that little bit prettier.

I bought my pack of 8 from Boots for £5.99 which is great value for money. Find them here.

there's actually 8 in a pack but these are all I have left for a pretty picture...
The Body Shop Virgin Mojito body butter

I visited a blogger event at The Body Shop in Leeds a couple of months back (read about it here) featuring their new Virgin Mojito summer range. We were kindly given samples and I fell in love with the scent of the body butter. I was lucky enough to win a big version of this at The City Girls event (more on this soon!) this week and I am over the moon!

If you're after a really fresh and rejuvenating Summer fragrance in your skincare, this range is definitely for you. It has a strong, citrus and mint scent which leaves you smelling like a freshly made mojito and then leaves you wanting an actual mojito. The body butter is really hydrating so perfect for knees, elbows and dry patches before you fake tan.

Madame La La Self Tan Mousse

Madame La La kindly sent me a bottle of their tan mousse this month and I was thrilled to face my tanning fears and give it a go.

The packaging is beautiful and would definitely catch my eye on the shelf (although I've never understood why self tan is consistently sold in white bottles...they're not white for very long!)
I love the mousse pump applicator and the mousse itself is really easy to apply. Unlike other tan products, Madame La La don't specify to use gloves which I much prefer. A mitt soaks up a lot of the product and at £36 a bottle, the last thing I want to do is waste it.

You apply the mousse liberally and unlike tans I've used previously, it appeared almost streak-less. You need to pay close attention to ankles, hands, elbows and knees as the colour darkens over the next three hours. I found it much easier to apply early evening as it is advised NOT to shower during the following ten hours, so it allows time to dry, darken and you can shower in the morning instead.

I was really impressed with the colour because I prefer a subtle tan, however, if you want to go all out I'd suggest trying a shade darker or applying again until you have a tan you are happy with. Although the coverage and colour was fantastic, the tan did not last as long as it claimed.

With it being so easy to use however, I'd be happy to just reapply as needed and it's really easy to build the colour gradually - no orange legs here!

Unlike other tanning products, it doesn't dry my skin out and I can only assume this is due to the addition of coco water and aloe in the ingredients. It's actually really hydrating which prevents patches.

It is quite a pricey self tan in comparison to the high street however, I really found it worked for me.

What are your fake tan fears and faux pas?

This post features products sent to me for review however all views are unbiased and my own.
I mean, you just need to see my sexy legs (joke).