I adore personalised gifts and creating a unique piece of jewellery with Mink & Stone was an opportunity I jumped at! Their website allows the user to create their own bracelet or necklace using beautiful beads and feature pieces.

The site itself is super simple to use. My favourite feature is the 'collections' button, grouping certain beads together into categories from 'Bridal' to 'Tropical Jungle' to make your selection that much easier.

I swayed towards a lot of the 'Boho Chic' options because I wanted something to suit a festival vibe. Lots of wooden beads and a pop of colour meant this was my finished result!

The fact you can see a physical image of your order is fantastic and if you're not happy with the order, you can switch the beads around and try a different combination.

The price range is dependent on you. You could make a small bracelet from £10 or go all out with the most beautiful pieces in a long necklace and spend extra. I love the idea of this for a unique birthday or occasion gift, so I'd be happy to spend more on something really pretty for a girl friend!

The product came in a lovely, hand wrapped package just in time for me to take away to Glastonbury which I really appreciated! The postage price was extremely reasonable and it arrive super quickly. Everything is branded, from the sticker on the wrapping to the fabric pouch and they look so cute.

Keep an eye out for insta-shots of this beauty here.

What would you design?



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