I have never had an iPhone.

That's right, I've never succumbed to the Apple invasion when it comes to my mobile because although I am a huge fan of my MacBook, the iPhone just never sat well with me. Even now when someone asks me to take a picture using theirs, I freak out because I don't know what I'm doing.

If you know me in real life (as opposed to through TDD or on Twitter @dressdiaries) you'll already know I am a big fan of 'the Windows phone'. My previous phone was a Nokia Lumia 925, my current is the updated 830 AND I was kindly sent the new Microsoft Lumia 640 to compare. It's safe to say I've had my fair use of the Lumia range and quite frankly, I love them.


In general, they're a good looking phone but the first thing people notice is the sheer size. They have huge screens which in my case, is perfect because I use it A LOT for photography and it allows me to edit easily. It's perfect if you're the sort of person who likes to watch Netflix on the go or you're a YouTube addict.

I absolutely love the fact the Lumia 640 is available in four colours because as you can see, I love me a colourful phone case.

The Windows 8 OS system is not my cup of tea on a PC (sorry, Microsoft!) however it is positively LOVELY to use on a smartphone. It is a clear, functional grid layout personalised to suit how you use your mobile and it works brilliantly. From the choice of colour scheme to the picture in the background of each icon, personalisation is one of the best things about the Lumia range.


As people can now say about most situations in life: 'There's an app for that'. The app market is beyond crazy and the more storage your phone has, the more apps you can use and the more addicted you become (referring to the likes of Instagram and Twitter on a personal level here...)

My top apps are Facebook, Twitter and 'Instagram' (IG Beta or 6tag) but I was also very happy to see the Fitbit app was already installed.

Microsoft's very own personal assistant on Lumia phones is Cortana - you may have seen the nauseating TV advert featuring Clean Bandit (here). I'm gonna be honest, I rarely use this function but tried to make the most of it whilst testing the 640 and it DOES work. There's no Yorkshire accent barriers and if anything, I realised Cortana understands me much better than my own boyfriend does.

One of the issues with a Windows OS system is the lack of certain apps that are available on Apple and Android phones, such as Snapchat, Depop and Periscope. This being said, it's up to the companies themselves to create the Windows phone app so get cracking, guys; Microsoft fans are people too.


So as a blogger and a general narcissist I am always on the hunt for a phone with a fantastic camera. I've never had any issues with the cameras on a Lumia and with the 640, I certainly wasn't disappointed.

Back to apps, the Lumia has some amazing photo editing applications that are a blogger's dream. My personal favourite is the Creative Studio, it's essentially a quick fix Photoshop for your pictures and I much prefer the manual editing in addition to a simple filter.

The focus is fantastic and I've taken photos that rival my Canon camera, which is no mean feat.

In regards to the Lumia 640, I did miss the camera shutter button on the side as there is with previous models. It's difficult to always use the screen to capture a shot and even more so to snap a selfie. The front-facing camera isn't as good a quality as I've known other phones to have but hey, it's encouragement to not take so many pictures of my own face.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend the Microsoft Lumia range and I have plenty of past experience to judge that on! Next time I upgrade, I already know that the first place I'll turn is to Microsoft.



*I was sent this phone for review by Connects and all opinions are unbiased. I just love a good windows phone though, is that obvious?