The 'Leeds Loves Cocktails' event took place here at the beginning of the month featuring beautiful drinks and offers aplenty in tons of places across the city. However, there doesn't have to be a festival in motion to experience some of the bars and drinks offers Leeds has to offer.

Chaophraya kindly invited a group of restaurant lovers and bloggers alike to try out their new cocktail menu and we were treated to some Thai cuisine whilst we were there too!

We were greeted with a shot of one of the new cocktails from the menu in the Palm Sugar lounge bar, which prompted me to order this gorgeous margarita with a gin/lychee twist.

The new menu consists of four sections which all feature quirky, Thai inspired cocktail mixtures.  
Each section has a huge range of flavours and twists on traditional cocktails which we could have happily spent the night sampling. If you're one for a good drink with all the theatrics, a smoked cocktail from the Bangkok section of the menu will be perfect for you! 

Even if Thai food isn't for you, simply skip the restaurant and visit the lounge bar upstairs for cocktails with a bit of individuality and something different from the norm. 

NOTE: There are no half measures in this cocktail list. We definitely left a little bit light-headed but no complaints there!

Now on the contrary to some people, Thai food definitely is right up my street.

We had the chance to sample the delicious tofu pad thai that had been freshly cooked as we entered. I'm always one to opt for a curry from any menu so it was great to try something a little bit different and a dish that is one of Thailand's most popular.

The lovely staff then made rounds with various snacks and samples including giant king prawns and chicken satay. We all left sufficiently full, some of us more than others because it was so tempting to go back for a second and third helping.

Having never been to this restaurant before I was really impressed with not only the atmosphere but if I'm honest, everything about it. We have already vowed to return for a night of cocktails on the terrace later in the Summer (it was raining throughout this trip) and I really want to try some more of the food.

A huge thanks to the ever helpful Chaophraya staff for allowing us to sample so much, take photographs galore and even treat us to a huge sharer Laotang cocktail!

In summary, we had great acoustic entertainment, spot on food and a cocktail menu we could not get enough of.

If you're looking for a romantic meal, a civilised catch up with friends or you just love Thai food,  this is the place to be. As I've said before, Leeds has such a huge range of restaurants and bars to visit and Chaophraya should definitely be on your list.

Find a restaurant near you and check out the menu here : Chaophraya



*We were invited to this as a free event and all opinions are honest. I mean c'mon just look at that amazing food.