I don't often use any seasonal products from LUSH Cosmetics, aside from the Snow Fairy shower gel, so I was excited to try out some of the Easter range my lovely mum bought me.

The first product I used was one of the reusable 'Bunch of Carrots' bubble bars.

Each carrot can be broken into pieces and crumbled under running water to fill your bath with bubbles, meaning they're reusable and should last a while. I've used some of the bubble bars before like this - including the Magic Wand which I adored - but I've got to be honest, this one didn't meet their usual standards.

I found the texture to be difficult to crumble properly, meaning I was left with lumpy bits of orange in the bath afterwards. I also expected a much stronger scent but was disappointed, it isn't very powerful and I love the products that smell a lot sweeter.

It didn't do much for my skin but the bits that did crumble properly provided a whole lot of bubbles. However I've found other products much easier to use and provide the same result.

Overall, I wouldn't purchase these again but all my other experiences of the bubble bars have been much more positive. I'm still holding out hope for others!

Have you tried any of the LUSH Easter range? What did you think?