If there's one tourist-y thing you're gonna do in Berlin, it should be the zoo.

NOTE: This post is going to be photo heavy. Obviously.

I've actually never been to a proper zoo before this trip so I was ridiculously excited - maybe more excited than a 22 year old should be - about seeing elephants and giraffes.

I mentioned the Welcome Card in my first post about Berlin here and this gave us a discounted entrance fee to the zoo which was a huge bonus. Now, Berlin Zoo is the biggest in Germany and has the biggest collection of species of any zoo in the world. These facts did not prepare me for the vastness of this place.

These orangutans were incredible. True crowd pleasers, and they loved it!

It was amazing. We spent a total of around 6 hours there (!) and every lap of the zoo meant coming across new exhibits, animals, buildings, landscape gardens and enclosures.

This sassy gorilla had an admirable attitude.

There's an aviary, aquarium and various performance areas which breaks up the long, long walk around the rest of the zoo pretty nicely. The aquarium was brilliant (the insect bit, not so much IMO) and there's a family cafe at the top for a much needed bratwurst break.

 How stunning are these stained glass aquarium windows.

The only animal that was missing was a Giant Panda but after a little googling, I understand that the last panda at the zoo actually died a few years ago and there have been none since :(

This is what I would recommend the MOST if you ever get the chance to visit Berlin. Great value for money, a fantastic day out and for the bloggers among you, some beautiful photograph opportunities.