I LOVE a good festival atmosphere. So much so, the thought of camping in a field, listening to some of my all time favourite bands actually gets me through the rest of the year.

When I was younger, I spent hours queueing in the middle of Leeds City Centre outside HMV, waiting for 9am to arrive for the Leeds Festival ticket chaos to begin. Then I discovered Oxfam Stewards and I will NEVER be refreshing an internet tab on SeeTickets for hours again.

Oxfam Stewards have honestly provided me with the best festival experiences I will ever have and what's more, it's all for a good cause.

Oxfam raises £1m each summer thanks to our hard-working, dedicated volunteer stewards - a service that many festivals have come to rely on year after year. - Oxfam.org.uk/stewarding

One million pounds is an amazing amount of money and to feel you're a part of helping raise that is fantastic.

What does it involve?

In my past experience and as far I know it goes for most of the festivals available, there are three, 8 hour shifts per festival.

As most festivals are Thursday or Friday through to Sunday, Oxfam allow stewards to camp right from the Monday before till the Monday after. Now if you look at it this way, three shifts over seven days is super easy. Just be prepared for a long week of fun and (sometimes) not much sleep!

Oxfam essentially offer free entrance to the festival of your choice, as long as you turn up to all three shifts during the week. You need to give a deposit before the summer season begins but this means you can volunteer at as many events as you like plus you get it back six weeks after your last festival has finished. It's pretty much the best savings account there is, you won't find any building societies offering free festivals whilst they look after your money ;)

In addition, there's perks like charging sockets for your phone, free hot water for tea and soup and noodles and it's like having a huge family around you at all times, with suncream in one hand and an emergency poncho in the other.

Best of all? You get to meet thousands of new friends, some of which you'll never forget.

How can I join?

Find out more about volunteering here.

This is not a sponsored post, Oxfam just have a fantastic service worth writing about! Let me know if you're going to any festivals this year in the comments or on Twitter @dressdiaries