Brainwavz audio headphones, a kindle and train tickets

After almost a year of commuting to the other end of the city for my job, I feel I've pretty good experience in public transport. You might be on the bus, a train or the tube but whichever it is, you want to make sure you have these few essentials to get you through. It can be a long haul!


Whether it be a railcard, monthly pass, Oyster, whatever, make sure you remember this.
It's a £50 fine on the train if you don't have a ticket and that's not going to brighten anybody's work commute now, is it?


My trusty Product (RED) iPod I bought when I was 16 is still going strong. A good set of earphones is a must too, in this case I've been using Brainwavz* for my daily commute. They're subtle, fit over the ear and the sound quality is ace. They go with pretty much every outfit - blog post proof to come - and they're perfect for my 20 minute train journey on a morning.
And look at the pretty plum colour, I'm such a sucker for attractive accessories!

I always bring along the case they arrived in too, keeps them tangle free and clean (unlike the mucky colour of my once white Apple earphones...) Plus, it came with LOADS of spare ear buds which is the most useful thing ever. Where do they always go missing?! Get a pair here.

This week has been chock full of Paloma Faith (performing at the Leeds Arena this weekend, eep!) and Mumford & Sons (who have been announced to headline Leeds Festival in August).

An iPod Nano and Brainwavs headphones

Book or reading device

A long bus or train journey is the best time to make your original New Year's resolution to 'read more' a reality. If your journey is half an hour, that's one whole hour a day you can work your way through a book.

One of the best things I ever purchased was my Kindle Fire. It's so much easier to read if by some unfortunate chance, your commute is mega busy and you have to stand. You can cling on to someone's bag coat hair seat for dear life with one hand and peruse a few pages with the other.

I've just finished reading 'Atonement' by Ian McEwan which has now been shoved into my top 5 favourite books of all time. I cannot recommend his work enough! I'm currently reading David Mitchell's latest - 'Thinking about it only makes it worse' - which is hilarious.

Word of warning, reading on public transport may result in awkward moments when other commuters watch as you cry silently or try to stifle laughter.


If I opt for music over a book on a morning, it only makes sense to have a quick scout of social media at the same time and catch up with what's been happening overnight. Instagram is my favourite at the moment, lots of fitness inspiration on a morning gets you ready to take on the world.

A good coffee

No journey can be better than one with a good brew in front of you. My choice is either a Starbucks Cappuccino or a Costa Caramel Latte. Just bear in mind, you need to find an extra £3 per day if you want this to be a regular thing, mine's a treat every few weeks at most!

Atonement book and Starbucks coffee

 Do you commute? What do you always have to hand?