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I have had a wonderful last couple of weeks and that has led me to thinking what is so different right now, than how I was feeling last year? A lot has changed very quickly in my life for the better but the main reason for this is because I've also taught myself to be happy, cliche as it sounds.

Here are a few things that - now I'm in my twenties - I have realised you should STOP worrying about, they shouldn't dictate your life.


Stop worrying about the things you WANT as long as you have the things you NEED.
Hopefully, you have a job, or a student loan, or an amazing family who can support you. This means as long as you have enough for the basics in life, you're pretty much set.

Forget about the new coat you were after or the fact you want to go on holiday next month if it's getting you down. You can sort out getting that extra spending money later but just enjoy what you have right now.

'All my friends are getting married,
mortgages and pension plans' 
Frank Turner // Photosynthesis

Frank hits the nail on the head in these lyrics.

When you're in your twenties suddenly everyone seems hell bent on getting engaged, having babies, buying houses and it seems like the world's most unfair competition. It's really, really not.

Hey, I'm the one who hasn't spent a crazy amount of money on a white dress and can afford to go travelling with my boyfriend. I'm the one who gets to buy cute baby clothes and be the fun babysitter then give the screaming child back to their parents. I'm the one who can ring a landlord when my flat has a problem and not have to fix it myself. 

Losing Friends

This is a weird one but guaranteed, you will lose at least one person you used to call a good friend in this decade of your life. Not because you end up arguing about 'grown-up issues' (see previous paragraph) but probably just because you drift apart.

It could be people who move away, or you move away and lose touch. It could be because you both make new friends or have a high flying career and work colleagues and they take priority.
It could just be, ultimately, that you have grown apart. And that's fine.

You will meet so many new people and trust me, your best friends will still be around come wind or high water. Don't worry about it.

Hope this gave you something to think about!
Anything you think is unnecessary to worry about whilst so young?