GLASTONBURY 2014 (fashion)

Multi-color converse in Glastonbury field
Converse All Star - Office now £25

Glastonbury is pretty much the most anticipated music festival in the UK for celebrity culture. Who will be playing, who will be going and WHAT WILL THEY BE WEARING?

This year wasn't spectacular in the form of me celeb spotting, although I did spot Sophie Ellis Bextor, she had a beautiful light blue sundress on, a hat and statement cat eye sunglasses.
I asked for her ticket then was extremely embarrassed as she smiled and held out her performer wristband. Soz, sophie.

As I said previously, I'm not majorly into the festival fashion hype but I do have a few favourites after this year's trip.

Adidas Bralet
(left) Adidas Bralet Top £19

This was THE BEST item of clothing I have ever taken to a festival with me.

  • It's plain, it's black, it goes with everything.
  • You don't have to wear a bra with it (well, i can't speak for you lot with big boobs but I know I didn't!)
  • It doesn't give you ridiculous tan lines. 
  • Did I mention it goes with everything?!

Leeds bloggers in festival kimono

Select Black Bright Daisy Kimono £16

Kimonos seem to be everywhere at the minute so I hopped on the bandwagon.

  • It's a beautiful floral pattern so PERFECT for summer.
  • It's light and dries really quickly if the weather isn't what you expected and BBC told us it would be...
  • It's a great cover up over shorts and crop tops

Wellies with foxes on
New Look Black Fox Head Wellies

It doesn't look like they're still on sale but New Look have a lot more to choose from!

  • I got so many comments on how cute the foxes were (before the mud obviously, they are not so cute afterwards!)
  • Perfect size, I find it hard because wellies don't come in half sizes (5.5) but these 6's were spot on.
  • They're mainly black. Again, they go with anything.

I've come back to mid-season sales everywhere and it is so, so tempting! Hopefully a holiday haul coming up soon because I'll be in Turkey in August, I can't wait :)

Please let me know if you've discovered any must have festival items, we can join forces and come up with a perfect Glasto checklist.